Spiritual Life

Our Catholic heritage includes a spiritual dimension that has a profound impact on students and teachers from all faiths and traditions. Indeed, a significant percentage of our students are non-Catholic, a testament to the inclusive atmosphere they find on campus and the importance they, and their families, place on an education that fosters values and spiritual growth. To become the best they can be in every way—intellectually, spiritually, physically, and emotionally—this is the Canterbury challenge they seek to achieve.

The heart of the spiritual life of the school is the celebration of Mass. As a Catholic school, the Canterbury community offers Mass on Sundays and Holy Days of Obligation throughout the Liturgical Year. Annually, the Chaplain prepares a group of students for the Sacrament of Confirmation. Every spring, we are blessed to have the Bishop preside over the ceremony in the beautiful Chapel of Our Lady.

Spirituality is a vital part of the values-based education Canterbury provides. Service, celebration and compassion are cornerstones of the education of our students. Retreats, community service projects, and a host of other activities help build our Christian community. Sacristans, student leaders selected to assist in Mass, play an important role in Form retreats and Campus Ministry events.

While the framework for spiritual life is provided by the teachings of the Catholic Church, students of all faiths are encouraged to draw on their own religious traditions.

In keeping with Canterbury's mission to educate and develop moral leaders in a secular world, students are challenged to incorporate the School's Five Values into their lives and to make service to others a permanent component of their lives.

Canterbury's Five Values

Compassion - We show empathy for the hardships and difficulties of others.

Honesty - We are truthful with ourselves and with each other.

Respect - Our words and actions reflect our respect for each other.

Spirituality - Our relationship with God is important. We respect the beliefs and rituals of others.

Self-reliance - We make decisions based on principle and belief.

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Spiritual Life

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