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At Canterbury, you will encounter a wide range of opportunities within a small and welcoming community.

You will have the feeling of empowerment that comes when the people around you really know and believe in you. And you will see that an outstanding education does not just make you an excellent student but a strong and self-reliant person. On this beautiful hilltop, you will feel at home and free to be yourself—your best self. Students at Canterbury are self-aware, balanced and have a true sense of what matters to them. Placing values and service at the center of what they do, students leave Canterbury grounded and well-adjusted.


Go Ahead. Do it All.

THIS IS YOUR CHANCE TO DO SO MUCH. Canterbury’s offerings in academics, athletics, the arts, student activities, and community service present you with possibilities that go beyond those available at most schools. You can focus on a key interest and take it to a whole new level or develop a talent you never even knew you had. You can also combine multiple interests in unexpected ways—as a star on the playing field and on the stage, for instance. The Canterbury experience is all about involvement, exploration, and taking the right kind of risk, and you will find that your teachers, coaches, and friends will eagerly support you in trying new things. At some schools, you may have just one chance to shine, one niche to fill. At Canterbury, we believe every student can excel.

Grounded in values

CANTERBURY IS A SCHOOL GROUNDED IN OUR CATHOLIC HERITAGE AND WARMLY WELCOMING TO STUDENTS OF ALL FAITHS. Many of our families come from other religious backgrounds, and whatever their individual beliefs, all of our students share an experience shaped by the same set of unchanging convictions: spiritual growth is an important part of any truly complete education; each person must have the freedom to follow his or her own spiritual path; and one of the best ways to put our beliefs into action is through service to others. Inspiring all we do at Canterbury is a set of five core values: Honesty, Respect, Compassion, Spirituality, and Self-Reliance.

A place of beauty

CANTERBURY IS LOCATED IN LITCHFIELD COUNTY, ON A HILLTOP WITH STRIKING VIEWS TO THE HORIZON. The campus brings together historic stone landmarks with contemporary architecture. It is a place of sweeping lawns, winding paths, grand old trees, and expansive playing fields. The heart of campus is compact and walkable, and the center of New Milford, a classic Connecticut small town, is just a few blocks away. Our campus is only 150 miles from Boston, 85 miles from New York City, 45 miles from Hartford, and 35 miles from New Haven.

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