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With a community vaccination rate of 96+ percent, Canterbury students, faculty, and staff have continued to demonstrate an extraordinary commitment to one another and to embracing a safe, successful year of learning, living, and playing on our hilltop. 

Our protocols are based on the most current information available from the CDC and State of Connecticut, in conjunction with the ever steady guidance of our own Medical Task Force. Our decisions have and will continue to be informed, timely, and always centered on creating the best environment for our students—physically and emotionally—so that they may have an engaging, joyful and most normal experience possible. 

As conditions of the pandemic are constantly evolving, please be assured that Canterbury’s Medical Task Force continues to monitor public health recommendations and will adapt campus health and safety plans as necessary. To that end, please be aware that the following protocols are subject to change at any time. 

Campus Protocols



Canterbury Medical Task Force

Rachel Stone P ʼ23, ʼ24
Head of School

Anna Flik, M.D. P ʼ21
Canterbury Trustee
Pediatrician, Albany Medical Center

Kenneth Marici, M.D. ʼ87, P ʼ20, ʼ22
School Physician 

Colleen Cook, R.N. ʼ02
Director of Health Services

Pete Cotier ʼ86, P ʼ19, ʼ20
Associate Head of School for Operations

Sue Roberts P ʼ24
Associate Head of School for Academics

Peter LaVigne P ʼ14, ʼ16, ʼ17, ʼ20, ʼ23
Assistant Head of School for Student Life

Steve Carleton P ʼ16, ʼ20
Business Manager

Jake Dellorco
Director of Strategic Enrollment Management

Jen Loprinzo
Director of Marketing & Communications

Jim Stone P ʼ23, ʼ24
Director of Athletics


Please contact: 

Colleen Cook, R.N. ‘02
Director of Health Services