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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, & Justice

Painted rocks with inspirational words and phrases on them.

Our Commitment—The Saints Promise

The Canterbury community pledges to build and sustain a diverse, equitable, inclusive, safe, and just community that is founded upon, inspired by, and held accountable to our Five Values.

"To be sure, it is Canterbury’s values and infrastructure that create the opportunities for us to teach and challenge our students to think more broadly, take care of one another more deeply, and work at playing a true role in social justice more proactively, personally, and genuinely.  It is these very values and infrastructure that welcomed student voices in recent years, voices that identified programming and 'spaces' our students needed for conversation, affirmation, and action."


June 2020

Three students standing together at graduation.


Building character and courage to stay true to ourselves and others.

We pledge to:
  • Create both physical and emotional space for difficult conversations and acknowledge that the first step is often learning to be comfortable with topics we find uncomfortable
  • Acknowledge and address our individual biases
Students clapping for their teammates during a game.


Learning each other’s stories and treating all with dignity.

We pledge to:
  • Work to know one another as individuals and acknowledge/empower the personal identities we each choose to share, including: one’s name, story, passions, native language, race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual identity, cultural heritage, ability, and faith tradition
  • Stand for equity and justice and stand actively against inequity and injustice
  • Be open to new ideas and perspectives
  • Celebrate accomplishments and encourage continued growth
Student and teacher working together on a laptop.


Being fully and humbly present so that we may empathize with others.

We pledge to:
  • Create opportunities to hear the voices and listen to the opinions of one another
  • Learn and grow from our mistakes
Student sitting with two boys.


Growing in faith through reflection and service.

We pledge to:
  • Encourage the development of ethical leadership
  • Inspire a journey of spirituality and service grounded by one’s faith background
Student speaking at graduation.


Developing strength and independence to become intellectual and ethical leaders in a complex world.

We pledge to:
  • Hold ourselves and one another accountable as contributing, present, involved members of the Saints community, always working for the good of one another and our School
  • Help prepare our students for the breadth and depth of diversity they will encounter beyond our hilltop, and build personal connections that they can carry forward as alumni

DEIJ Initiatives at Canterbury

Diversity within Canterbury encompasses race, ethnicity, gender, socio-economic status, religion, intellectual and physical ability, gender expression, sexual orientation, age, family structure, language, and geographic place of origin.