Important Dates

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Fall Semester

August 30 Varsity Football Athletes arrive and register
  Student Leaders return
September 2 All Varsity Athletes arrive and register
September 5 Int'l Students arrive and register
September 6 AM Registration: Boarding Students (new/returning) 
  PM Registration: Day Students (new/returning)
September 7 Orientation Activities
September 8 Orientation Activities 
September 9 Classes begin
  Sixth Form Dinner
September 14 ACT
September 15 Mass of the Holy Spirit
September 20 Last day to add/drop
October 3 College Night
October 5 SAT
October 14 Admission Fall Open House
October 16 PSAT
October 18 Parents' Weekend Friday-Saturday
October 19 Homecoming and Athletics Hall of Fame Dinner
  Students depart after athletics
October 22 Boarders return by 7:00 PM
October 23 Classes resume
October 26 ACT
November 2 SAT
November 23 Students depart after athletics
December 2 Boarders return by 7:00 PM
December 3 Classes Resume
December 7 SAT
December 14 ACT/PreACT
December 19 End of Semester 1
  Students depart after athletics

Spring Semester

January 5 Boarders return by 7:00 PM
January 6 Second Semester classes begin
January 17 Last day to add/drop
February 6 Winter Weekend
  Students depart after athletics
February 8 ACT
February 10 Boarders return by 7:00 PM
February 11 Classes resume
February 22 Fifth Form Parent College Workshop
March 6 Spring Break - Students depart after athletics
March 25 Boarders return by 7:00 PM
March 26 Classes resume
April 1 Admission Revisit Day
April 4 Admission Revisit Day
April 17 Fifth Form College Day
April 29 Grandparents' & Friends' Day
May 2 SAT
May 9 Admission Spring Open House
May 11 Honor Society Dinner
May 18 Sixth Form Dinner
May 21 Underform Prize Assembly
  Sixth Form Prize Assembly
May 22 Commencement
May 23 In-class review day
May 24 Sacristan Installation
May 25 Underform Exams begin
  End of Semester 2
June 5 Alumni Weekend Friday-Sunday