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2020-21 School Year Calendar

*Many of these dates have changed or are subject to change. Please check this page for updates.
To download the 2020-2021 School Calendar, click here.

Fall Semester

August 30 Student Leaders return
September 2 Sixth Form arrives in PM
September 3 Fifth Form arrives in PM
September 4 Fourth Form arrives in PM
September 5 Third Form arrives in PM
September 6 Orientation Activities
September 7 Classes begin
September 12 ACT
September 25 Last day to add/drop
September 26 SAT
October 3 SAT
October 6 ACT
October 10 Student Pod
October 12 Admission Fall Open House
October 14 PSAT
  Virtual College Fair (7-9 PM)
October 24 ACT
  Student Pod
October 30–31 Virtual Family Weekend
October 31 Saturday classes
November 7 SAT
November 14 Student Pod
  Admission Open House
November 20 Students depart after commitments
November 26 Thanksgiving
December 1 Classes resume (remote instruction begins)
December 3 Admission Event: Canterbury Up Close (5-6 PM)
December 10 Admission Event: Canterbury Up Close (5-6 PM)
December 17 END OF SEMESTER 1 (last day of remote instruction)

Spring Semester

January TBD Winter varsity athletes return
January 10 Boarders return
January 11 In-person classes begin — Second Semester
January 22 Last day to add/drop
February 6 ACT
March 10 Spring Break (TO BE CONFIRMED) — students depart after commitments
March 28 Boarders return
March 29 Classes resume
March 31 Admission Revisit Day
April 3 Admission Revisit Day
April 4 Easter
April 10 ACT
April 16 Fifth Form College Day
May 8 Admission Spring Open House 
June 4 Last day of exams