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School Leadership

From Head of School Rachel E. Stone P '23, '24

What a privilege it is to be a member of the Canterbury family and to help lead this extraordinary community of students, faculty, staff, parents, and alumni. The programs, opportunities, conversations, and growth that take place daily on our hilltop cannot be replicated elsewhere, and we invite you to come see and feel in person what makes Canterbury a remarkable place. There is no question: it is great to be a Saint!

I ask that you pay close attention to what lies at the heart of our core and culture as you begin, or continue, to build a relationship with Canterbury. With the Five Values—Honesty, Respect, Compassion, Spirituality, and Self-Reliance—stemming from this School’s Catholic foundation, our story is one grounded in service and community. As a student at Canterbury, you will have the opportunity to bridge the gap between deep self-awareness and broad global perspective and to build relationships that will help shape your understanding of who you are and where you are headed during your time here, in college, and well beyond. Along the way, you will gain an even greater appreciation for the importance of moral leadership and citizenship, responsibilities you will carry long after you graduate.

The chance to become a part of the Canterbury family is not one to take lightly; rather, how we support, challenge, and know one another is an element that differentiates the Canterbury experience. My family and I are thrilled to immerse ourselves in this place of beauty, warmth, and new connections.

I look forward to welcoming you on campus; come join us!

Rachel Stone



Rachel E. Stone P ’23, ’24
Head of School

View of Chapel through office window