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A Night of Solidarity for Women of Canterbury

A Night of Solidarity for Women of Canterbury

It was an evening of dining and dancing…of introductions and affirmations…of karaoke and community service. But most of all, it was a time to relax, laugh, and enjoy the company of good friends at the annual Women of Canterbury Retreat.

Led by Co-Presidents Elsa Copeland ’24 and Madeline Diglio ’24, the retreat kicked off in the D’Amour Center for Faith, Service & Justice with an icebreaker activity that encouraged everyone to share one thing they liked about the person to either side of them. 

Women of Canterbury member Chloé Herr ’24 was especially moved by the icebreaker. “It was nice to hear people saying something like, ‘Your smile is what I love about you,’” she said. “Seeing everyone offer compliments to each other was empowering. There were good vibes all around.”

The group then moved downstairs to the Ragland Commons for dining and socializing. Stations were set up for attendees to assemble bags to be handed out for National Eating Disorder Awareness Week and to start making the pins for Denim Day in support of sexual assault awareness.

The spirited musical portion of the night included karaoke and a Just Dance/Finish the Lyric activity on the big screen that had everyone on their feet, singing and moving to the beat. Afterward, the movie Mamma Mia! was shown.

As the evening wound down, attendees were provided pen and paper to write affirmations to their teachers, classmates, or close friends. 

Following her first Women of Canterbury Retreat experience, Piper Young ’27 was grateful for the opportunity to get to know her fellow Saints better. “It was great to hang out with all the grades and know that the upperclassmen are in our corner,” she said. “I received affirmation letters from people I had not seen much before this. They were saying such nice things about me! I was so appreciative, I hung them on my wall.” 

Faculty and staff attended the retreat as well, including Alison Bailey, Director of the Donovan Center for Learning and English Teacher; EJ Soifersmith P ’27, ’27, Director of Community Life; Cynthia Willmen, Director of Counseling and Theology Teacher; and WoCbury Co-Faculty Leads Colleen Cook ’02, Director of Health Services, and Head of School Rachel Stone P ’23, ’24

“It was a truly special evening, and I felt privileged to watch the girls interact with each other,” Colleen said. “It was great to see our seniors mixing with the younger girls and stepping into that mentor role. I already cannot wait for our next one!”