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Canterbury Celebrates 2024 Honor Society Members

Canterbury Celebrates 2024 Honor Society Members

Meeting all the membership criteria for Canterbury’s Honor Society is a tremendous accomplishment for any student—and the Class of 2024 has 44 such students among its ranks! These high-achieving Saints were recognized and commended Monday night at the Honor Society Reception in the Steers Center Ragland Commons.

Sacristan Shaun McKenna ’24 offered an opening prayer to start the program. Then Associate Head of School for Academics and Dean of Faculty Suzanne Roberts P ’24, ’27 reminded attendees of the criteria—including a cumulative grade point average of 4.0, a highly rigorous academic program in a diverse course of study, academic integrity, and consistent engagement—while lauding the students for their success. “The very fact that these Sixth Form students are members of the Honor Society is proof that they are excellent academically, but they have all contributed to Canterbury in other ways as well,” Sue said.

Head of School Rachel Stone P ’23, ’24 and Director of Studies Todd Mathewson then joined Sue to pay tribute to each of the new Honor Society members.

The guest speaker for the evening was last year’s recipient of the J.P. Mandler Teaching Award, Mathematics Department Chair Christopher Roberts P ’24, ’27. He advised members to carry forward the same energy and work ethic after they graduate from Canterbury. “College will no doubt be challenging. I encourage you to put forth your maximum effort into all of your pursuits,” he told them. “When the going gets tough, do not be afraid to invest more, not less, of your time into finding success. Finally, surround yourself with people who will hold you accountable, challenge you, and push you to be the best version of yourself. If you are always the smartest person in the room, I would challenge you to find a new room.” 

Rachel closed the ceremony with sage words she delivers each year to the Honor Society class. “We are proud of you for your drive, work ethic, passion, and impressive outcomes,” she said. “But most of all, we are grateful for your contributions to the academic environment on this hilltop. You have helped build and sustain a culture of learning and curiosity, of questioning and collaboration, and, above all, of persistent effort. In my experience, effort matters most.” 

Congratulations to these Saints who put forth persistent effort throughout their time at our School—the newest members of the Canterbury Honor Society!

Edmund Ackell
Kerstin Ambruso
Ruari Bamrick
Camryn Beauvais
Eva Berkovich
Gabriel Bradshaw
Cora Brennan
Ella Caraluzzi
Irene Chen
Yuntong “Curley” Chu
Nicholas Ciampi
Elsa Copeland
Han “Alisa” Cui
Houer “Daisy” Dai
Katherine Datlow
Paul DeSantis
Hayden Devorsetz
Madeline Diglio
Laurie Etienne
Ava Faruol
Henry Genden
Jack Greenberg
Morgan Lau
Amanda Lepore
Kate McDonough
Shaun McKenna
Gia Mulheren
Ryan Oemcke
Sylvia Pinheiro
Ryan Roberts
Andrew Rondini
Lea Ruisi
Nathan Ruzzi
Evan Rydingsword
Lynzie Sanford
Qifeng “Steven” Song
Kip Stone
Caroline Thompson
Ziyi “Owen” Wang
YingHua “Wendy” Wu
Xicheng “Angel” Xu
Virginia Zapletal
Lezhi “Martin” Zhang