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Canterbury Club of New York Volunteers at The Meatloaf Kitchen

Canterbury Club of New York Volunteers at The Meatloaf Kitchen

On Saturday, October 6, the Canterbury Club of New York (CCNY) volunteered at The Meatloaf Kitchen, a University Community Social Services soup kitchen located at The Cardinal Spellman Center in the East Village, NYC. The Meatloaf Kitchen was one of the first of its kind to seat and serve its guests with the courtesy one might find at a restaurant, as opposed to the traditional food line.

Alumni across a variety of graduating class years gathered for the event, including George Malhame '74, Chrissy Rubin '84, Rob Maloney '95, Will Finn '07, Alec Woodworth '11, and Josef Najm '12. Duties included helping to prepare the meal, setting up the room, and serving a breakfast of pastries, coffee, and fruit to early arriving guests. Following the shift, CCNY volunteers enjoyed a meal together at a nearby restaurant.

The Canterbury Club of New York, established in 2016, creates and supports a robust community of Canterbury graduates in the New York metropolitan area to increase alumni connections with one another and the School. From social events and career networking to community service projects and cultural outings, the CCNY provides many opportunities to reconnect with Canterbury and meet other alumni.

A cornerstone of the CCNY mission is to engage alumni in community service, an extension of the values and social responsibility learned as Canterbury students. Saturday's outing to the Meatloaf Kitchen was the fifth outing since the Club began.

"What a great day it was being with Canterbury people while serving our community here in New York," noted Chrissy Rubin '84. "This is what it is all about to practice our the golden rule - to do unto others and to be humble servants."

"One of the things I've enjoyed most about my involvement with CCNY has been witnessing the connections being made by New York Cantuarians," added Rob Maloney '95. "Alumni from all different decades – who never would have crossed paths otherwise – are meeting, networking, and forming friendships because they share a love for Canterbury." Rob '95 is one of the Founders of the CCNY and currently serves as Co-President.

The next CCNY event is a private guided tour of Central Park on Sunday, October 21, at 3:00 p.m., followed by drinks at Tavern on the Green. For more details and to register, or to learn about other CCNY events, please visit

If you would like to learn more about the CCNY or get involved as a regional Club leader in your area, contact Associate Director of Advancement Jen Loprinzo at 860-210-3941 or