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Pouring Their Hearts Into Song

Pouring Their Hearts Into Song

Canterbury’s traditional Affair of the Heart concert once again lifted spirits with an evening of love-themed songs. This year, the performance was held in the Steers Center Ragland Commons for the first time.

The concert featured students from the Canterbury Orchestra, Chamber Orchestra, Chorale, and Varsity Voices, as well as some stirring solo performances throughout. Presenting songs such as Almost Like Being in Love, Falling Slowly, Runnin’ Home to You, and Seasons of Love, our musical Saints consistently tugged at the audience’s heartstrings. 

Following the show, Concert Director and Theater Co-Director Christopher Rich professed his love for everyone involved. “Affair of the Heart was magical for both the performers and the audience. Students brought their A-game, performing with great emotion, confidence, and technical accuracy,” Chris said. “While all the music was great, I was particularly proud of the many soloists who put themselves out there with exceptionally polished and expressive performances. An added bonus was the move to the Steers Center. The larger space and ambience were perfect for the concert.” 

For one of those soloists, it was a truly memorable experience. “This was my first time singing solo in a concert. I was nervous, but I made it through,” said Jing “Kitty” Miao ’25. “I loved seeing the audience support and my friends taking videos. Many thanks to everyone and especially Mr. Rich. I will never forget this night!” 

Nor will Varsity Voices member Cora Brennan ’24. “I was filled with joy performing at Affair of the Heart, one of my last concerts at Canterbury,” she shared. “Although it is sad to be nearing the end of my time here, I am glad to have these performances and such great people to look back on.”

Bravo to these talented student musicians and vocalists: 

Flute: Yuge “Ingrid” Fu ʼ26, Patrice Masterson ʼ25, Yijun “Antony” Li ʼ26  
Piano: Jose Paredes ʼ25, Ziqi “Chrisy” Ding ’25
Conductor: Hafez Taghavi, Music Teacher

Violin 1: Houer “Daisy” Dai ʼ24, Yuntong “Curley” Chu ʼ24
Violin 2: Ella de Marval ʼ25, Henry Genden ʼ24, Liam Hamlet ʼ27
Viola: Fiona Hobbs ʼ27
Cello: David Peng ʼ27 
Bass: Zekai “Aaron” Zhu ʼ26, Liam Cameron ʼ27 
Baritone: Hayden Devorsetz ʼ24 
Clarinet: Yichen “Justin” Bai ʼ27
Bells: William Van Vranken ʼ27
Flute: Camryn Beauvais ʼ24, Chloé Herr ʼ24, Allegra Linero ’27, Isabella Pilch ʼ27
Conductor: Hafez Taghavi, Music Teacher

Soprano: Yuge “Ingrid” Fu ʼ26, Marygrace Hussey ʼ27 
Alto: Madeline Lavertue ʼ27, YingHua “Wendy” Wu ʼ24, Yutong “Coco” Zhou ʼ27
Baritone/Bass: Zachary Mwanza ʼ27, Dudley Ram ʼ27, Jack Snyder ʼ26
Special Guests: Zekai “Aaron” Zhu ʼ26 (Bass), Chase Sukow ’27 (Drums)
Director/Accompanist: Christopher Rich, Theater Co-Director

Soprano: Cora Brennan ʼ24, Ava Faruol ʼ24, Amelia Welsh ʼ26, Yawen “Sophia” Zheng ʼ27
Alto: Gianna Martinez ʼ26, Sylvia Pinheiro ʼ24
Director/Accompanist: Christopher Rich, Theater Co-Director

Solo Vocal: Jing “Kitty” Miao ’25