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Saints on the Hill: Leadership On and Off the Hilltop

Saints on the Hill: Leadership On and Off the Hilltop

As a member of the Sixth Form Council at Canterbury, Bryce ’23 is widely acknowledged as one of the School’s standout student leaders. During his recent Saints on the Hill presentation in Maguire Auditorium, the campus community discovered that his leadership skills extend well beyond the hilltop as well.

Dressed in his Airman Battle Uniform, Bryce talked about serving in Civil Air Patrol, the official civilian auxiliary of the United States Air Force. Membership in the volunteer organization includes aviation-minded citizens of all backgrounds, lifestyles, and occupations. For Bryce, it was a golden opportunity to further develop as a leader.

“This was one of the most beneficial experiences I ever had,” he told students and faculty at School Meeting. “I gained important skills and learned a lot about myself. I know I can take on challenging tasks.”

He had plenty of challenges while attending encampment as a basic cadet, learning drills, program essentials, and physical fitness. “It is like basic training in the Army, but a little less severe,” he recalled. “I did that in 2019 and came back as a Flight Sergeant. My job was to make sure my basic cadets were accountable at all times, drill-sufficient, and passing the physical fitness exams.”

Newly promoted to Cadet Commander, Bryce continues to meet the demands of leading people and making sure things are running smoothly. He is grateful to Civil Air Patrol not only for the leadership and learning he received but for the volunteer opportunities that have left a lasting impression.

“I love helping my community. Recently, I was involved in a veteran grave cleaning with other volunteers from the VFW,” he said. “We sprayed chemicals to break down the algae and moss, and afterward we power-washed the gravestones so they looked nice for veterans’ families. I also spent Easter with veterans and their families, building crafts with them, serving breakfast, and learning about their stories. That was awesome.”