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Saints Serenade Saints in Year’s Final Concert

Saints Serenade Saints in Year’s Final Concert

Music brings people together the world over, and our Canterbury community is no different. The Saints family happily gathered in the Chapel of Our Lady last Friday for Spring Serenade, a concert featuring the Canterbury Orchestra, Chamber Orchestra, Chorale, and Varsity Voices. The music students presented delightful interpretations of classical, musical theater, film, television, and pop music from artists as varied as Bach, Stephen Sondheim, Billie Eilish, ABBA, Joni Mitchell, and more.

Theater Co-Director Christopher Rich was ecstatic over the students’ performance in this final concert of the Canterbury school year. “I am so very proud of these students,” Chris said. “They have tackled increasingly challenging music as the year progressed, and this concert featured some of the most complex yet. They succeeded wonderfully at making these difficult arrangements seem simple and beautiful.”

Many Sixth Form students were highlighted throughout the evening, including Cora Brennan ’24, Ava Faruol ’24, and Sylvia Pinheiro ’24, who each performed solos. Another soloist, Yuge “Ingrid” Fu ’26, credited audience support for helping her as she participated in three of the four groups—Chamber, Chorale, and Orchestra. “It was a busy time transitioning between positions, yet this was still one of my best performing experiences,” Ingrid said. “The audience was so respectful and enthusiastic, which was especially encouraging when I played what was, for me, a difficult flute solo. They gave me the confidence to keep doing what I love in the future.”

Bravo to all of our serenading students for enchanting us with their musical talents:

Yichen “Justin” Bai ’27
Camryn Beauvais ’24
Cora Brennan ’24
Liam Cameron ’27
Yuntong “Curley” Chu ’24
Houer “Daisy” Dai ’24
Ella de Marval ’25
Hayden Devorsetz ’24
Ava Faruol ’24
Yuge “Ingrid” Fu ’26
Miguel Garcia ’26
Henry Genden ’24
Liam Hamlet ’27
Chloé Herr ’24
Fiona Hobbs ’27
Marygrace Hussey ’27
Madeline Lavertue ’27
Yijun “Antony” Li ’26
Allegra Linero ’27
Gianna Martinez ’26
Patrice Masterson ’25
Zachary Mwanza ’27
Jose Paredes ’25
David Peng ’27
Isabella Pilch ’27
Sylvia Pinheiro ’24
Dudley Ram ’27
Jack Snyder ’26
William Van Vranken ’27
Amelia Welsh ’26
Yawen “Sophia” Zheng ’27
Yutong “Coco” Zhou ’27
Zekai “Aaron” Zhu