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There’s No Spirit Like Saints Spirit!

There’s No Spirit Like Saints Spirit!

It was an exhilarating week on the hilltop as the Saints community embraced Spirit Week during a series of themed days and exciting events. It all led up to Gunn Day on Saturday featuring home games vs. our biggest rival, The Frederick Gunn School. 

Each weekday featured festive “spirit dress” themes:

Monday: Pajama Day
Tuesday: Rhyme Without Reason Day
Wednesday: Groutfit Day (all-gray outfit)
Thursday: Jersey Day 
Friday: Canterbury Superfan Day

Students, faculty, and staff alike got in on the fun, coming up with unique ideas and creative outfits—some even in costume—to satisfy each theme.

There were also motivational videos created and shared by students throughout the week amid the lively energy at School Meetings.

The grand finale was Friday night’s pep rally organized by the Sixth Form Council and held in Pigott Arena, which was festooned with spirited signs and banners. Students were treated to skits and dances performed by each varsity sport, with all JV sports, clubs, and other student groups invited to participate as well. Mr. LaVigne and Mr. Dellorco even stepped in to join the dancers, and Coaches Franklin, Beaudin, Burke, and EJ participated in the skits! Friendly competitions included a tug-of-war, basketball shooting contest, and more. It was loud, it was proud, it was amazing…and the night wasn’t done yet!

Following the pep rally, underformers lined up outside of Steers Center and created a procession line for the seniors to walk through, candles in hand, on their way to the large pile of wood crates to light the bonfire and continue the merriment.

Morgan Lau and her fellow Sixth Form Council Members—Elsa Copeland, Ava Faruol, Jack Greenberg, Dom Mazuca, Nathan Ruzzi, Owen Wang, and Martin Zhang—played key roles in the collective planning. “We had so much fun creating themes, videos, and excitement for Spirit Week,” Morgan said. “Being creative and watching how students reacted to our content was one of the best parts. My main involvement was making the videos and being on the mic during the pep rally, which was awesome!”

Third and Sixth Form Dean Meredith Berry-Toon worked with the Sixth Form Council in planning the events, and she could not have been more pleased with their efforts and dedication. “It was a great week, and I was happy to see our seniors on the Council enjoying themselves during their final Spirit Week,” she said. “They really made it all happen, and I am so proud of them.”

On Gunn Day, our Saints teams fought hard and showed great sportsmanship in camaraderie with our friendly rivals. Although the games didn’t all go as planned, the current tally for the Canterbury-FGS Cup is dead-even with plenty of games left to be played this school year. To quote baseball Hall of Famer Yogi Berra: “It ain’t over ’til it’s over.” 

The weekend also brought good news for three of our Saints teams—Field Hockey, Football, and Volleyball all clinched postseason berths! Plus, Girls' Cross Country  runners Chloé Herr ’24 and Chloe Carroll ’25 finished 12th and 13th in the New England Championships, and Bradley Bozzuto ’25 finished 4th among the boys at the same meet. All three runners qualified for the All-Star Race (“Race of Champions”) at St. Mark's School on November 17. Congrats to all of our stellar athletes!

What an extraordinary week of solidarity and enthusiasm on the hilltop—showing once again just how spirited and close-knit our Saints family is.