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Trio of Saints Earn Scholastic Art Awards

Trio of Saints Earn Scholastic Art Awards

The Connecticut Regional Scholastic Art Awards program is a high-level, professionally juried event recognizing the state’s best student artwork. So it is no surprise that these standout Canterbury artists were honored with awards for 2024: 

Han “Alisa” Cui ’24—Gold Key, Drawing & Illustration, 2D, Behind the Screen (pictured)
Raymond Jean ’27—Silver Key, Architecture & Industrial Design, Multifunctional Bike Rack
Yueqi “Jessica” Zhao ’25—Honorable Mention, Digital Arts, 2D, Primitive and Destructive 

Past multiple award-winner Alisa changed things up a bit for her submission this year, so the results did come as somewhat of a surprise to her. “I did not expect the scholastic judges to appreciate my new style with vivid colors and surreal elements as much as they did. My previous Gold Key works had a very realistic style with carefully depicted details,” Alisa said. “This piece was inspired by my personal experiences during online video meetings as well as some amusing photos on social media. It has been evolutional for me as an artist since it is unlike anything I have done before, and this award motivates me to keep exploring new art forms.”

One person who was not surprised was Charles Hollinger, Co-Chair of the Digital Communication, Design, and Innovation Department and Curator of The Edward J. Duffy Family Art Gallery. “Alisa and Jessica are both incredibly talented and hard-working young artists,” Chas shared. “They are dedicated to their craft and spend a great deal of extra time in and out of class creating their work. They have both been a joy to teach and watch develop over the course of our time together.”

Robert Roffe, Digital Communication, Design, and Innovation Department Co-Chair and Director of Academic Technology and Innovation, was equally impressed by Raymond’s creative talents. “He was focused and thoughtful in my Innovation Lab class,” Rob said. “His motivation and subsequent designs for projects always show a unique perspective.” 

All student artwork is juried by professional artists and university art faculty and is selected on merit for inclusion in a state-wide art exhibition. The chosen works are currently on display at the Hartford Art School’s Silpe Gallery, Monday–Friday, Noon–4:00 PM, and weekends from Noon–5:00 PM, through February 2. There was also an Awards Celebration for the winning artists this past Sunday at the Lincoln Theater on the University of Hartford campus.

Congratulations, Alisa, Raymond, and Jessica, for this fabulous recognition of your artistic talents!