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Your Personal Learning Journey

At Canterbury, every academic experience fuels your personal growth. As a result, you flourish as a deep, future-ready thinker rooted in core values, with a broad worldview, ready to confidently engage with the ever-changing world ahead.

Our academic program demonstrates our belief that a high school education should be a transformative, highly individualized experience. Every Canterbury student embarks on a tailored path, leading to their greatest academic and personal outcomes. The curriculum offers a broad and dynamic range, laying down the foundational knowledge sought after by top-tier colleges while granting the freedom to explore individual intellectual passions, some of which might be exciting new discoveries.

Canterbury ensures students are both grounded in essential skills and equipped for a rapidly evolving world. This approach emphasizes proficiency in written and verbal communication, fosters critical and creative thinking, and facilitates digital citizenship and information savvy. An enduring commitment to ethical leadership and global perspectives ensures students emerge as compassionate, inclusive thinkers, ready for any challenges and opportunities the future will bring.

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Chart your path

Whether you’re ready for Multivariable Calculus as a sophomore, excited about doubling up on AP histories, or keen to explore electives that align with a potential college major, our curriculum supports your individual journey, preparing you for college and beyond with confidence and purpose.

Explore Our Curriculum

A Canterbury education isn’t about checking a box; it’s about meaningful, transformative growth. When we bring together students from diverse backgrounds, each with their own unique story, perspectives, strengths, and aspirations, and pair them with our passionate educators, experts in their fields who deeply understand how adolescents learn and grow, the outcome is truly remarkable.
Head of School
Rachel Stone P ‘23, ‘24



Distinctive centers and programs


Donovan Center for Learning

You never have to go it alone, and the door is always open for you to take charge of your academic success. We know that every journey benefits from support, so whether you’re taking four APs or struggling in Algebra 1, you have a place to go for help when you need it.

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D’Amour Center for Faith, Service & Justice

Here, your intellectual growth and moral development go hand in hand. Develop a sense of purpose, responsibility, and compassion for others, ready to contribute positively to the world around you.

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Syracuse University Project Advance

Gain an academic edge, earn college credit, experience the rigors of college coursework, and prepare confidently for higher education.

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Interdisciplinary Writing Curriculum

Our focus on superior writing spans a comprehensive four-year program. You master diverse writing forms, from scientific lab reports to historical research and reflective narratives, ensuring you develop strong writing and critical thinking competencies across all subjects.

Digital & Information Literacy

Learn to navigate the online world with confidence through our digital literacy program, equipping you with the skills to critically evaluate, effectively use, and ethically source information on the internet,  preparing you for informed decision-making in a digital information age.

Travel & Experiential Learning 

Acquire a greater understanding of the world through off-campus travel, co-curricular engagement, and experiential learning—from exploring such places as Israel and Spain; immersing yourself in service in Lourdes, France; going behind the scenes at BuzzFeed and the NHL; or trying out medical simulators at Hartford Hospital.

New Student Seminar

In your first year as a Canterbury student, this seminar series acclimates you to the academic rigor of Canterbury. Academic Counselors meet with you weekly to discuss topics such as resources, time management, study skills, and the School’s Honor Code, ensuring your path to success starts strong. 

College Work Group

Starting in the Fifth Form (junior) year, this weekly class is built right into your schedule, providing dedicated time, space, and resources—and our College Counselors as your co-pilots—to navigate every aspect of the complex college search and application process.

Sixth Form Project 

In the spring of your senior year, you have the opportunity to pursue an off-campus academic interest under the guidance of our faculty. This tailored approach facilitates deep exploration, fostering a personalized and enriched learning experience in your chosen subjects.


Profile of our graduates

At Canterbury, our academic program shapes you to stand out and make a difference. So start to imagine who you’ll become at the end of your high school journey…


Effective Communicator

We understand the vital importance of communication in today’s interconnected world. We empower you with the skills to articulate your ideas clearly and confidently, listen intently, and engage openly with diverse points of view. Whether in writing or speech, you’ll learn to express your thoughts with precision and impact, enriched by the insights of others—a skill essential for your success in college, your career, and your personal life.

Ethical Leader

In an ever-changing global landscape, Canterbury instills ethical values. You'll learn to navigate the world with integrity and purpose, empowered to make a positive impact by addressing social issues, advocating for justice, and contributing meaningfully to your community. We view ethical citizenship as both a quality and a responsibility, and we prepare you to embrace it.

Creative and Critical Thinker

Beyond encouraging imaginative ideas, we challenge you to become a creative and critical thinker. In our classrooms, you'll learn to move beyond surface-level solutions, exploring complex problems from various angles, conducting rigorous analysis, and crafting innovative solutions. This approach equips you to adapt to evolving challenges and become a resourceful problem solver and leader in your chosen field.

Digital Citizen

We ensure that you emerge as a digitally literate individual, equipped with the skills to thrive in a technology-driven world. Our curriculum is designed to foster your digital literacy, teaching you to critically evaluate information, navigate digital platforms with ease, and communicate effectively in online environments. This comprehensive approach prepares you to not only excel academically but become a responsible, informed citizen in an ever-evolving digital age.

Poised for Excellence

We believe true excellence is a blend of knowledge, skills, values, and purpose. You graduate not only with academic proficiency but also with a strong ethical foundation and a clear sense of purpose. This unique blend prepares you to excel in college, pursue a successful career, and lead a fulfilling life, distinguishing you as a well-rounded individual poised to make a significant impact on the world.

Academically, our son was met where he was, encouraged, and challenged beyond what he thought was possible. As a result, he is intellectually curious and a confident learner. He is well prepared for “what’s next” after Canterbury.

Parents, Sharon and Bill
Class of 2024

Your next chapter

From discovering your unique passions and academic interests to presenting your best self to college admission committees, we’re your dedicated partners in this exciting journey. We’ve helped countless students like you achieve their dreams of attending top-tier colleges and universities. With our support, your college goals are within reach, and the future is bright with endless possibilities.


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Are you ready to become your best self?

Learn and grow with us.