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Academic Departments

When a small group of engaged students and a passionate teacher meet to discuss literary themes, mathematical approaches or laboratory results, the learning that takes shape is both authentic and long-lasting. Our classrooms are charged with the energy that emanates from the exchange of ideas, the “a-ha” moments of understanding and the expectation that our students find and articulate their opinions, beliefs and passions. A seriousness of purpose guides our academic pursuits, resulting in work that is rigorous, meaningful and applicable to life beyond the classroom.

The Canterbury faculty is comprised of inspiring individuals who have specialized in their academic fields and who are equally passionate about their subject matter as they are about sharing their knowledge in the classroom. They will challenge you to analyze ideas, ask questions, solve problems, and think independently. Outside the classroom, they serve as coaches, dorm parents, and advisors. You will get to know your teachers well in all these roles and will find that their guidance in academic and personal matters is an invaluable piece of the Canterbury experience.

Every student at Canterbury meets regularly with a faculty advisor, individually and in groups. Your advisor will help you choose courses, manage your schedule of activities, and adjust to boarding school life. During evening study hours in the library or dormitory, peer tutors and teachers are available to answer questions and give assistance. Teachers are also available during extra-help sessions built into the daily schedule. You will find that this infrastructure helps you achieve even more than you thought possible.