Computer Science Department

Computer courses provide opportunities for all students to imagine, solve problems and create projects, both collaboratively and independently, whether they are beginning or advanced users. In this digital age our computer courses provide the knowledge and problem solving skills that cross academic disciplines and develop independent, creative, and resourceful students, able to communicate their ideas using a variety of media. Please see the Academic Guide for a list of our course offerings.


  • Develop your own computer game that you can share with friends and family.
  • Make a mystery movie starring your friends.
  • Craft a logo, product artwork, and product labeling for a 3D design you are rendering.
  • Tell a story using your own animated characters.


  • Program the environment and character interactions in your computer game.
  • Storyboard a movie and working with actors to smooth out the filming.
  • Visualize a poster that combines many graphic elements into a unified theme.
  • Plot the paths and actions of the characters in an animated short story.


  • Publish your game to a website for others to enjoy.
  • Post your movie to YouTube and discuss it in a blog.
  • Print business cards, posters, promotional materials which you can use for your band/business/school.
  • Share your animated story on the web.