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History and Social Sciences Department

The History and Social Sciences Department endeavors to promote in students an appreciation for historical knowledge, the critical thinking skills necessary to make sense of it, and the compassion to become active world citizens ready and willing to make a difference. While each course presents core subject knowledge necessary for students to develop a better interpersonal understanding of the world in which they live, the courses further aim to promote historical study as a hugely creative endeavor calling students to ask questions, demand substance, think interpretively and develop an open mind. Students are expected to develop research skills appropriate to their level.

The department incorporates new classroom technologies into creative presentations, class debates, mock trials, and historical simulations in an effort to stimulate innovative thinking, group collaboration, and other cognitive skills. Student work includes analysis and interpretation supported by historical information. Where applicable, courses are related to current events in areas such as economics, politics, foreign affairs, and environmental issues.

History and Social Science courses are listed below; please download the Academic Guide for a complete list of our course offerings.