Language Department

Canterbury students can choose to study one of three languages—Spanish, French, or Latin, progressing as far as the AP level. Multiple members of the language faculty are Native Speakers, including several Spanish teachers. The department uses the TPRS (Teaching Proficiency through Reading and Storytelling) method to engage students in the language and encourage fluency and comprehension. Because our students are part of a global community, they not only learn the language but also study the culture. When possible, our students travel abroad to refine their skills through interactions with native speakers. For example, each year in the Spanish exchange program, a group of Canterbury students spend six weeks in Mallorca after their Spanish counterparts have spent several weeks at Canterbury. For more information on the language curriculums, see the Academic Guide.


  • Learn about current events in Spain or France by listening to and watching news clips in those languages.
  • Read Don Quixote in Spanish.
  • View the movie Jean de Florette in French and write a critique of the movie in French.


  • Converse in your new language with a Canterbury student from that country.
  • Participate in a class discussion about school life without using a word of English.
  • Record your responses to a classroom assignment in Spanish and download it to your computer.
  • Host a Spanish student as part of the exchange program.



  • Spend six weeks in Spain with a Spanish family, attending a Spanish school.
  • Join a school trip to France, Haiti, or Nicaragua.
  • Take an imaginary trip abroad through immersion in the art, music, and sports of Spain or France.