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Mathematics Department

Our dynamic mathematics program makes use of iPads and Apple TV to create an interactive experience for students in class. Teachers are able to interact with the textbook and can create and make class notes available to students. Additionally, interactive calculators and course specific apps allow students to focus on problem-solving, critical thinking and the exploration of mathematical principles at the highest levels. By creating an interactive environment, teachers are able to engage students in discussions of multiple approaches to math problems and provide instant feedback. Math becomes more than an exercise in finding the right answer as students learn the richness of mathematical concepts and how they can be used. Students experience the flipped classroom, allowing them to watch informational videos at home and tackle challenging problems in a collaborative class environment. Eligible Fifth and Sixth Formers may continue with advanced studies in courses that include AP Statistics, AP Calculus, Honors Linear Algebra, and Honors Multivariable Calculus.

Math courses are listed below; please download the Academic Guide for a complete list of our course offerings.