Math Department

Canterbury's mathematics faculty believe that math students must progress beyond rote memorization to become adept at mathematical reasoning. To achieve this goal, classes engage in cooperative learning, problem-based learning, and simulations. Students investigate a diversity of concepts, from the properties of real numbers in Algebra I to exploring limits and continuity in the post-Calculus course, Honors Multivariable Calculus.

In another post-Calculus course, Honors Linear Algebra, students engage matrix multiplication. In all classes, appropriate SAT prep is integrated into the curriculum. All mathematics classrooms are equipped with Apple TV, and teachers make full use of appropriate apps and software to enrich the experience of learning mathematics. In all courses, textbooks are available as etexts, and both teachers and students use iPads for interactive exercises. See the Academic Guide for a complete list of math courses.


  • Use an interactive program written by one of our PreCalculus teachers to investigate trigonometric ratios.

  • Gain a deeper understanding after class by watching a tutorial video created by your teacher.
  • Use annotated class notes to review key concepts discussed in class.


  • Use an iPad to access mathematics eTexts.

  • Learn to solve problems by using apps such as WolframAlpha and GeoGebra.
  • Experience seamless integration of the SmartBoard, your calculator, and your etext during class.


  • Create a calculus tutorial video with your classmates using an iPad and the application ShowMe.

  • Solve homework problems in class with a partner after watching a video of your teacher explaining a concept.