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Science Department

The Science Department focuses on the excitement of learning about the natural world. Introductory courses provide a solid foundation in analytical and critical thinking, experimentation, and problem solving. Laboratory work and guided inquiry-based experiments engage students with modern science techniques that connect concepts learned in the classroom to practice and application in the lab. Recent technological innovations are used in the classroom and laboratory to reach a wide range of learners and increase student involvement. Applications and current events in science are addressed on a regular basis to create interpersonal connections with the material and apply knowledge to problem solving in the real world. Traditional laboratory courses in biology, chemistry, and physics are offered at three levels: regular, honors, and Advanced Placement (AP). Numerous advanced science electives are also available for Fifth and Sixth Form students. *Indicates a lab fee for the course.

Science courses are listed below; please download the Academic Guide for a complete list of our course offerings. *Indicates a lab fee for the course.


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