Science Department

Canterbury's science curriculum provides students with a rich array of traditional, advanced, and elective courses in the physical and biological sciences. AP courses are offered in biology, chemistry and physics. The science faculty bring diverse backgrounds and advanced degrees to the classroom, and are passionate about engaging each student with inquiry-based labs and modern applications of science and technology. Using critical thinking skills and experiential learning, students collaborate in the design and interpretation of laboratory experiments.

Field trips are an essential part of the science curriculum. Recent field trips include an Environmental Science class trip to the Aspetuck River to collect data and an AP Biology trip to Long Island Sound. Active engagement with state-of-the-art technology prepares students for science courses in college. Electives to pique student interest range from a course on the Biology of the Brain to a course on the Science of West Africa, taught by a former Peace Corps volunteer. See the Academic Guide for more information on science courses.


  • Investigate how different wave lengths of light affect growth and oxygen production in aquatic plants in biology.
  • Flame test various salts in chemistry to identify each compound's metal ion.
  • Identify unknowns in chemistry lab by testing and characterizing compounds.


  • Work in pairs to solve problems and present solutions to classmates in physics.
  • Create an instructional video tutorial with classmates in physics lab on the mechanical advantage of a system of pulleys.
  • Use an app to create an instructional tutorial for your classmates on drawing Lewis structures in chemistry.


  • Collect specimens from the Aspetuck River as part of an environmental study for the State of Connecticut.
  • Join your AP Biology class on a field trip to Long Island Sound
  • Cultivate and examine bacteria in microbiology.
  • Extract and isolate caffeine from tea in introduction to organic chemistry.

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