Theology Department

At Canterbury, we believe in promoting the application of Christian principles through student engagement in the study of theology. Theology classes at Canterbury invite students to learn about the scriptures and traditions of major world religions while challenging them to consider the meaning and purpose of life and the effect of behavior and action. Theology teachers are active in the Campus Ministry program outside of the classroom. Students are required to take 1/2 credit of theology each year.

Theology courses range from a study of world religions to a course on mystic visionaries, or a semester-long study of Catholicism The Third and Fourth Form curriculum is standard and theme-based; Fifth and Sixth Formers choose from a number of electives.


  • A deeper appreciation of your own religious tradition.

  • An understanding of the origin and tenets of the major world religions.

  • An awareness of how our image of self is formed.


  • On the lives of such figures as Thomas Merton, Mother Theresa, and Dorothy Day.
  • On the role of spirituality in your own life.
  • On how to redress social and economic disparities.


  • The influence of world religions on contemporary issues and international situations.

  • The importance of engaging with ethical issues and social justice.
  • The moral responsibilities that come with a Christian worldview.