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Donovan Center for Learning

Teacher showing a book to three students.

Advancing Your Greatest Academic Potential

At Canterbury, academic rigor isn't just about challenge; it's equally about support. We set high standards to push your intellectual boundaries, while providing a robust support system to ensure you have the tools and resources to excel.

Empowering Every Student

The Donovan Center for Learning, staffed by a Director, Academic Counselors, and subject-area specialists, serves the entire spectrum of our student body—from seniors tackling multiple AP courses to freshmen navigating introductory subjects like Algebra I. Whether you require scheduled support or simply want to drop in for extra help, our Donovan Center is always accessible. Here, you're part of an engaging environment that encourages collaboration and shared learning with your peers.

A Sign of Strength and Independence

At Canterbury, asking for help is not just accepted; it's normalized and encouraged. We recognize that intellectual growth is a collaborative effort, and seeking guidance is a crucial part of the learning process. When you reach out for assistance, whether from teachers, academic counselors, or peers, you're not showing weakness—you're demonstrating a strong commitment to your personal and academic development. This open culture of support ensures that you have all the resources you need to meet challenges head-on, strengthening your skills and expanding your horizons.

The DCL is an academic hub, centralizing faculty, advisors, resources, technology, and study spaces that are easily accessible to you throughout the school day. We offer convenient drop-in hours or you can make an appointment to ask general homework questions, address academic concerns or challenges, and access any of the following student-centered services: 
  • Academic counseling

  • Writing Lab

  • Math Lab 

  • SAT/ACT preparation

  • Group or peer tutoring 

  • Individualized subject-specific tutoring (upon Director’s evaluation)

  • Organizational skills

  • Executive function skill development—study skills, time management, self-advocacy, and test-taking methods


We welcome inquiries from prospective families who would like to discuss their student’s academic goals or who have general questions about the DCL. Please contact:

Alison Bailey
Director, Donovan Center for Learning

By phone: 860-210-3912
By email:  

Student speaking to teacher.

“The Donovan Center is a space for the 21st century learner to advance their strengths and skills even further and to bolster them with the self-reliance needed to succeed in college and all their future endeavors.”

Alison Bailey
Director of the Donovan Center for Learning

Donovan Center for Learning Faculty

Alison Bailey

Alison Bailey

Titles: Director of DCL; English Teacher
Peter Gintoli

Peter Gintoli

Titles: Academic Counselor, Boys' Varsity Hockey Assistant Coach
Steven Gooler

Steven Gooler

Titles: Academic Counselor, Boys' Cross Country Head Coach, Track & Field Assistant Coach
Todd Mathewson

Todd Mathewson

Titles: Director of Studies, Varsity Baseball Head Coach
Isabel Polletta

Isabel Polletta

Titles: History Teacher, Donovan Center for Learning, Varsity Crew Assistant Coach
Cam Roffe

Cam Roffe

Titles: Mathematics Teacher; Math Lab, Girls' JV Basketball Head Coach, Varsity Golf Coach