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The Donovan Center for Learning


Empowering students to become active and independent learners in pursuit of their greatest academic success.

Through the wide variety of learning and supplemental resources it provides, the Donovan Center for Learning (DCL) is an integral part of every student’s Canterbury education. It provides tailored support at all academic levels and affords students the opportunity to develop the strengths, strategies, and skills that they need to become self-reliant and successful learners on our hilltop and beyond.

The DCL is an academic hub, centralizing faculty, advisors, resources, technology, and study space that are easily accessible to students throughout the school day. Whether during drop-in hours or by appointment, the DCL serves as a place where students seek help with general homework questions, address academic concerns or challenges, and access any of the following student-centered services:

  • Academic Counseling
  • Writing Lab
  • Math Lab 
  • SAT/ACT Preparation
  • Group or Peer Tutoring 
  • Individualized Subject-Specific Tutoring
    (upon Director’s evaluation)
  • Organizational Skills
  • Executive Function Skill Development:
    Study Skills, Time Management, Self-Advocacy, and Test-Taking Methods

Alison Bailey, Director of the Donovan Center for Learning, is joined by two Academic Counselors and three faculty tutors in the Writing and Math Labs to support the needs of all Canterbury students. 

We welcome inquiries from prospective families who would like to discuss their student’s academic goals or who have general questions about the DCL. Please contact Alison Bailey at or 860.210.3912 for additional information.


Meet the Donovan Center for Learning Faculty

Alison Bailey
Alison Bailey

Director of The Donovan Center for Learning

As Director of The Donovan Center for Learning, Ms. Bailey collaborates with the Academic Counselors to oversee the progress of all students. Ms. Bailey also works to coordinate accommodations for students who need them.

Todd Mathewson

Todd Mathewson
Director of Academic Counseling, Forms V & VI

Mr. Mathewson coordinates academic schedules and oversees the academic progress of all Fifth and Sixth Form students. He is available to meet with students who have questions or concerns any time during the academic day.

Amy Milano
Assistant Director of Academic Counseling, Forms III & IV; Testing Coordinator

As Assistant Director of Academic Counseling, Ms. Milano is responsible for helping Third and Fourth Form students build their schedules, guiding them with any issues that arise academically, and assisting them as they come into the Donovan Center for Learning. As Testing Coordinator, she is also in charge of organizing the ACT, PreACT, PreSAT and AP exams for all students, and ensures that students who need additional accommodations receive those services.

Marija Stankus-Saulaitis

Dr. Stankus-Saulaitis
English Teacher and Writing Lab

Dr. Marija Stankus-Saulaitis provides services for our Writing Lab in The Donovan Center for Learning. Dr. Stankus-Saulaitis is also available to work with students on standardized test preparation for Verbal sections. She is available upon appointment or drop-in during the academic week.