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Opening of school 2020-2021

Last updated on 10/14/2020


Dear Canterbury Community, 

I am deeply grateful for the cooperation, commitment, and care you have shown in keeping our community healthy and safe during this ‘different’ school year. I applaud your compliance in embracing our new campus norms and admire the respect and citizenship you are demonstrating for one another. Because of you, we have had a wonderful start to in-person learning; fall (and winter & spring!) athletics are underway; and meaningful relationships are being formed as our community grows closer each day that we are together on our hilltop. Thank you. 

Please utilize this page as a helpful resource regarding our plans, decisions, and protocols for this school year.  Of course, we will continue to inform you directly of any updates or changes during this unprecedented time.


Rachel Stone P ʼ23, ʼ24
Head of School



Updates & Communications

Boarding school communities have always relied on a collective dedication to their values and safety, and since Canterbury’s founding, moral leadership has been a central tenet of our mission. I cannot emphasize strongly enough the role we must each play in bringing our community back together—a healthy, responsible, excited community—and my belief that as a small, student-centered boarding and day school, located in the part of the United States best containing COVID-19, and fortunate to have faculty and facilities prepared for the flexibility required to tackle the months ahead: if any institution can build the infrastructure to open safely and take exceptional care of its extraordinary community, Canterbury can.Head of School Rachel Stone P '23, '24
August 1, 2020