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Syracuse University Project Advance

In addition to more than 50 Advanced Placement (AP) and Honors classes, Canterbury offers four different Syracuse University Project Advance courses. The SUPA program was launched in 2019 and provides our students the opportunity to earn college-level credits while at Canterbury. Students may opt to take the course for Canterbury credit only or receive Syracuse University credit as well. Students graduate with their Canterbury transcript and a Syracuse transcript! 

Course descriptions for each of the SUPA classes offered at Canterbury are as follows:


Syracuse University Project Advance:
Introduction to Information Security

Students will be introduced to fundamental elements in information security and key areas of security challenges, countermeasures, and real-life examples. Topics include security properties, vulnerabilities, cryptography, security policies, access control, authentication, firewalls, wireless security, Internet security protocols, security management, security evaluation, and case studies. Students will also have hands-on experiences in information security through customized online labs.


Syracuse University Project Advance:
Gender and Literary Texts

The course foregrounds readers’ interpretive practices, i.e., how we read and make meaning in texts, particularly if we interpret them using the premise that gender is a social construct—rather than a natural, ahistorical “essence” that somehow “expresses” our true “selves.” To examine the ways in which literature participates in the social reproduction of gender, as well as the difference that gender makes in the production and reception of literary texts, students will practice extensive close reading, evidence-based analysis and argumentation, and independent-inquiry. Raising awareness of how meanings are created through acts of critical reading, students will thus learn to analyze the ways texts construct categories of difference, including differences in gender, race, and social class.


Syracuse University Project Advance:
Economics of Personal Finance

This introduction to personal finance focuses on the foundations of financial planning—such as setting short- term and long-term financial goals—and then tackles essential aspects of consumer personal finance, including record keeping, budgeting, banking, saving, borrowing, investing, insurance, taxes, and retirement planning.

Syracuse University Project Advance:
Principals & Contemporary Issues In Sport Management

Offered through the Syracuse University David Falk College of Sport and Human Dynamics, this course introduces the student to sport management concepts and sectors through an examination of problems and issues faced by contemporary sport management. The unique characteristics of sport and resulting social and ethical responsibilities of sport managers will be discussed. In addition to the use of traditional pedagogical teaching methods to deliver basic sport management concepts, students are required to complete a comprehensive, hands-on project that demonstrates their comprehension of the different sectors of the industry covered throughout the semester. Canterbury is the only school in Connecticut currently offering this course. 

The SUPA program gives faculty the opportunity to design curricula that mirror what is happening on the Syracuse University campus and lets Fifth and Sixth Form students take actual college courses without having to leave Canterbury. Canterbury’s site coordinator at Syracuse University, Associate Professor and Undergraduate Program Director Dr. Gina Pauline, shared her positivity and appreciation for our program, saying,

“The opportunity to take a college- level course in high school is terrific, and the program at Canterbury did an incredible job in its first year. I was extremely impressed by the level of dedication of the students and instructors for the courses. Their final projects (both the paper and presentations) represented a high level of academic work! I am excited to continue to partner with Canterbury in the future.”