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Postgraduate Program

Join Our Exceptional Postgraduate Program

Get 100% prepared for college success.


As a PG student, you largely share the same path as a Sixth Form student. You will:

  • Enroll in an English class regardless of credits

  • Carry a minimum of five credits all year (same as a Sixth Former)

  • Attend a New Student Seminar targeted to PGs and one-year seniors

  • Participate in College Workgroup sessions offered by our College Counseling Office specifically designed for PGs and one-year seniors

  • Be fully immersed in the Canterbury experience through extracurricular activities and campus events

  • Have access to all the resources you need to help you thrive here, in college, and beyond

All postgraduate students must have graduated and received a diploma from their previous high school prior to coming to Canterbury. At the conclusion of your PG year, you receive a Postgraduate Certificate of Completion.

If you are a prospective student-athlete, check here for information about our Athletics program and teams.

Students walking up the stairs from the Steers Center.