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The best way to truly get to know Canterbury is to visit campus while school is in session.

A campus visit gives you the chance to learn firsthand about our community, and for us to get to know you to. It takes about two hours and includes a tour and an interview. We hope to see you and your family on campus soon.

Scheduling Your Visit

  • Before you schedule your visit, please complete our Inquiry form. This gives us the information we need to get you started, and establishes your Canterbury Admissions Portal.
  • After completing your Inquiry form, schedule your visit by calling the Admission Office at 860-210-3832 or emailing
  • Admission Office interviews may be scheduled Monday through Saturday. Appointments on Wednesday and Saturday are available only in the morning. (Please note that we only offer interviews on designated Saturdays.)
  • If there is someone in particular you would like to meet while you are on campus (e.g. a department head, a coach, a member of our music or art department), please let us know at the time you arrange your appointment.

Getting to CAnterbury

The Campus Tour

  • Feel free to view or download our campus map prior to your visit
  • Our student tour guides love talking about Canterbury. Ask as many questions as you'd like along the way!

The Interview

  • The tour is our opportunity to leave you with a great impression of our school. The interview is your opportunity to leave us with a great impression of you. This is when you can help us learn more about your interests and your passions, as well as bring what you've shared with us on paper to life. What kinds of things are eager to learn about? What will you bring to the Canterbury community as a scholar, an athlete, an artist, or a leader? When you think about your future, what excites you? We're excited to get to know you! 

    And as much as we want to get to know you, we also want you to get to know Canterbury. Come ready to ask us questions. We love talking about our programs, our students, and our community.

Schedule Your Visit


Canterbury requires that all students apply using the Standard Application Online (SAO)

Please access our application, which is SSATB's Standard Application Online ("SAO"), through your Canterbury Admission Portal.

The current application deadline is January 31

PLEASE NOTE: You will be creating a separate SAO account with SSATB where you will fill out your application. The information submitted to your SAO will be automatically sent to your Canterbury Admissions Portal. As the information is received, the items in the checklist will be updated. As we near the January 31st application deadline, it is important for you to check your Canterbury Admission Portal (not your SAO account) to assess the completeness of your application.

Admission Checklist

International Applicants

Please refer to the International Page of the website for information about test requirements, setting up interviews, etc.

Please do not hesitate to call us if you have questions of any kind: 860.210.3832



Student Lead Ambassadors

Getting Around Campus


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