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Thank you for joining us for our virtual celebration honoring the life and legacy of Frank Bice '77, a beloved alumnus, teacher, coach, advisor, colleague, mentor, and friend who immeasurably touched the lives of so many in the Saints community.

We are using YouTube Premiere to broadcast the memorial service; below are a few notes to help you with this format if you are not familiar:

  • You do not have to download an app to watch the event. 
  • You must wait for the event to begin at its scheduled time (10:00 AM EST) to watch it.
  • A countdown will appear on your screen during the first two minutes of the memorial. When the countdown is complete, the event will begin and all "attendees" will watch together in real-time. You will not have to press play.
  • You will be unable to fast forward during the event, but you can rewind during the stream to replay any parts you may have missed.

We are deeply grateful to Will Dowler '18 (Montamat Media LLC) for his vision, dedication, and tireless work in producing this moving tribute to Frank.     



Francis X. Bice '77 Scholarship Fund

The Francis X. Bice ‘77 Scholarship Fund has been initiated and inspired by students, family, and friends who believe Canterbury School is a better place because of Frank's influence. To continue his legacy at Canterbury and honor the profound impact he has had on countless people, the annual draw from this endowed fund will be awarded to a deserving student of financial need who, without this support, would not benefit from a Canterbury experience. The awarded student will show promise of living a life that emulates Frank’s greatest qualities, namely his spirituality, gratitude, and resilience, while fully embracing the path to becoming a moral leader in a complex secular world

Tribute Wall

Fran Foley ’64:
Frank Bice was inspirational. 
He lived his life with grace and dignity.
He loved God and
Loved his neighbor as himself.
A wonderful man.
Rest in peace, Frank

Hope Carter P ’86 ’87 ’88 ’91 ’95:
Frank was a faith-filled, courageous man who inspired all whom he taught and coached.

Carol Jendras P ’13 ’17 ’20:
A beautiful man whose immeasurable impact on Canterbury students will not be forgotten....RIP, Mr. Bice. Thank you for giving the gift of hope and faith to so many.

Isabella Cotier ’20:
Mr. Bice was always a source of happiness and positivity for me during my time at Canterbury. I loved talking to him about lacrosse, dogs, and everything else we had in common. Whenever I saw him around campus with Kelley, he instantly made my day better with his smile.

Joseph Kearney P ’21:
There will never be another like him in our opinion. We were lucky and grateful to have known this good man.

Kate DeCoff ’97:
Frank was such an inspiring person. So kind and gentle. He was always keeping himself positive and helping others to see the same positivity in their lives. He was amazing and will truly be missed, but never forgotten. I’ll very much miss seeing him at our class reunions, I loved being able to catch up with him!

Mimi Bureau:
I will never forget the kindness of Mr. Bice.... will always be thankful to say I knew him and so proud to say what a great man he is.

Christine Emmanuel:
Frank left a profound and lasting mark on the countless thousands of people who were fortunate enough to cross his path during his short life, all feeling immeasurably blessed for the distinct privilege. Tales about the innately caring, loyal, fun, athletic, quintessential story teller flow like a steady stream. I'll not forget Frank's unwavering dedication, and his ability to lift the most vulnerable among us, including those who were unable to care for themselves. Lessons we all learned from Frank -- Worry not. Be positive. Show up. Be grateful. Watch your troubles wash away. What I learned from Frank as well, having attended his Jan 2020 memorial now in retrospect, is that his capacity to give - what he did give - was no less than what he received from his massive corps of devotees who nurtured him every single day in those 39 years since his injury on October 4, 1980. THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING, FRANK.

Jake Peterson ’16:
Frank Bice was my friend, mentor, and advisor while I was at Canterbury. He was also the strongest and most kind man I have ever had the privilege of knowing. Without him I would not be Catholic and I thank God for having our paths cross. I will endeavor to honor his memory by living a life of service and saying yes to God when called. He will be greatly missed although I know he has received his final reward. I still feel him with me and I am so grateful to have called a man so rare my friend. God bless you Mr. Bice.

Brigida Caruso ’20:
Mr. Bice was the kindest person I have ever met. He always had a smile on his face and positive outlook on things despite how hard they may be. I am forever grateful for his wisdom and to have known him.

Greg McKenna ’19:
Not only am I thankful to have had Mr. Bice as a teacher and mentor during my high school years, I was also lucky enough to benefit from his friendship and wisdom during my first semester at college and away from home. He always had a great story to tell, which was fitting for a man who was an inspiration to me and so many others. His example of faith and friendship will not be forgotten.

Connor Snowdy ’18:
Mr. Bice was the epitome of a good person. His kindness, respect, and intelligence will always be eternal throughout the Canterbury community.

Stephen Body P ’18:
Frank was an extraordinary person. He always went out of his way to make my wife and I feel at home during our visits to campus.

Matt Savard ’19:
Blessed to have shared some moments with such a great person.

Mike Kiernan ’77:
My last visit with Frank was in April, 8 months before he died, and he was not feeling well. He was preparing to return to teaching even though he worried that getting out of bed into the wheel chair would worsen the skin breakdown that had kept him in bed almost continuously since the previous August. As we entered the campus the students greeted him- "Hi Mr. Bice! "Hi Molly, you got your braces off!"- typical Frank: all observations, directed outward to others. When we arrived in the classroom, he asked if I wanted to stay for the class. I said I couldn't, I had to return to Vermont. In the few minutes before the class started he asked me "Hey, Mike, what was your father's brother's name?" The question was unexpected, I had to think for a second "Uh, James. Uncle Jim" "Okay great", he responded "because I pray for him and I was just saying, you know, praying for your parents and then for your father's brother"
I had to think for a second, "Wait a minute, Frank, you pray for my Uncle Jim?" "Yeah, buddy." I was confused, "I don't.. did you ever meet him?" Frank said he hadn't, that he knew Uncle Jim had died after our high school years and that was all he knew of him. "So, now I've got him. James, Jim."
As I drove home I contemplated what it might be like to spend almost a year in bed. Not in a coma, but in an ordinary alert state of consciousness continuously, month after month. Frank spent that time directing his loving concern to all of us, pointing himself outward, praying for us all and it is a choice and a gesture that is emblematic of his loving nature, and is representative of one of the most extraordinary lives I have ever encountered.

Christy Begley ’77:
I loved him. He was a truly inspiring and good person. I'm sad that he's gone but I feel certain that he is at peace.

Sean Mesick ’17:
Rest In Peace Mr. Bice- a true saint in every aspect of life.

Andrew Bortey ’16:
Using the words of the late great Mr. Frank Bice himself, he was a man who, everyday through his words and actions, provided a window for the light and love of Jesus to shine down upon this world. His smile came easy and his compassion knew no bounds. The words of human language often cannot capture the weight of gravity that so frequently bogs down the human heart. So simply put: Thank you, Mr. Bice.

Michael Burke ’78
Frank epitomized the Canterbury motto and “Strived valiantly for the faith handed to the saints!”
Requiescat in Pace Francis Xavier Bice (Frank).

Mary DellaRusso P'17
Mr. Bice was a kind, caring, wonderful man. Our daughter Julia was very fortunate to have him as a teacher and coach while she was at Canterbury. He will be greatly missed by everyone lucky enough to have known him.

Isabella Capanna '17
A true servant of God who blessed every path he crossed.

Jose Mencia '19
From the first day I met you at orientation, with Kelly alongside you, you treated me with so much care and compassion. You always seemed to be at the right place at the right time when I needed someone to talk to. You are an amazing person. I just wanted to say thank you. Rest is paradise

Marie Dwyer Adams
All I can say is that Frank was a gift to all who knew him. His wonderful smile and upbeat personality always made you feel as though you were touched by an angel. To know him was to love him and everywhere Frank went he was loved.

Shelley Pitser P'18
What a wonderful man. I'm so thankful that he was such a big part of Alex's life at Canterbury!

Brendan Denihan
Thanks for all your help and guidance Frank. We remember you each and everyday. You were a great loyal friend that impacted a countless amount of people.
God Bless

Jack Meyer
Thank you Frank for always being there for me. Your love and your spirit lives on through everyone that had the pleasure of knowing you.

Sarah Crawford '94
If you were lucky enough to know Frank Bice, you are lucky enough. Gone but never ever forgotten.

Edward Fedorovich '95
God bless you and, thank you for so many things, Mr Bice.

Isabella Capanna '17
A true servant of God who blessed every path he crossed.

Timothy Costello '79
Frank's tenacious kindness inspires me. 

Jane Curley
We miss you every day, Frank!

Tina Bernard P'17
You are the most important person iny son Cody Bernard’s life ever had - you told him to value himself in value - his faith and religion and with his unfair treatment. He is a great kid and this man knew it - pray with my son /?you know I’m missing this great man forever.
We were part of the family that had a teacher as a parent and a painter and didn’t have any means to send our son to this but real scholarships he’s had his life changed forever. I’m so sorry this man Is no longer with us because he truly believe my son he advised him he prayed with him and Cody is making ridiculous money today it doesn’t take it for granted. The prep schools are really rough and the middle class people. My son told me I am sorry you are a teacher and my father is a painter I hope I can drive better. I think Canterbury School wishing him a whole new life from a small town in Connecticut.

Eric and Krista Peterson P'16
Frank was an amazing, supportive, spiritual advisor to our son Jake'15. He helped shape who Jake is today - a practicing Catholic who is curious, empathetic and he began an internship at the junior boarding school he attended before coming to Canterbury. I am sure he has chosen this path in large part of the influence that Frank had on him. We look forward to honoring and celebrating his amazing legacy on generations of young adults but wish we could all gather to together.

Maddie Blauth '16
Thank you for Always making me feel so valued and wanting to play my best every game! You were one of my biggest supporters at Canterbury and always made me want to push myself to be better every day! You are so missed

Will Dowler '18
When I was interviewing Mr. Bice at Notre Dame, he told me that asking for help was the hardest thing he had to learn on his own after his injury. But soon he realized it became one of his strengths because it actually empowered the people he asked. I knew this firsthand. I became extremely close with him during my senior year. He was my advisor, and we knew we could trust and depend on one another. On one of the first days of the new school year, he called me and asked me to meet him at the Chapel to help him replace the sanctuary lamp. From that day on, I went to morning Mass with him almost every single day. Sure it was early, but I was already up because I would help lift him from his bed to his chair at 5:45 most mornings. I found joy in being his helper; shielding him from the sun on the sidelines, pushing him through the snow, getting his mail, and sharing a meal. In return, he helped me realize my gift. Our bond that year demonstrated the power of faith, service, humility, and gratitude, and I would not be who I am without him.

Mary (Coleman) Lynn ’90 P ’23:
Frank Bice was as close to a Saint as we will ever know. We are all better for having known him.

Chris DeCarlo ’17:
Mr. Bice was the kindest soul I have yet to meet.

David Campbell P ’19:
Amazing and inspiring teacher and counselor. My son was so fortunate to have him as a advisor.

Shari Mahan P ’16 ’20:
Frank Bice had a profound affect on the lives of me and my children during their time at Canterbury. His humility, strength, courage, and will to live with a shining, positive attitude will be a source of strength and inspiration for many years to come.

Ann Thomsen ’78:
The true measure of a man is not how he behaves in moments of comfort and convenience, but how he stands at times of controversy and challenges. (Martin Luther King, Jr.) Frank certainly rose to the challenges in his life. He discovered the strength, determination, and skill necessary to not only live his life to the fullest, but to inspire us all to do the same. He will be greatly missed!

Kim Alexander:
Frank was our hero in every sense of the word. The bravest, most inspiring and selfless person we have ever known. We were honoured to be his friends. Love you, Franky.
Kim & Jeff Alexander

Ashley Berry ’16:
Mr. Bice was one of the most kindhearted people I ever met who cared about EVERYONE, no matter who they were or what troubles they faced. He is deeply missed by so many and I know his legacy will live out at Canterbury.

Isabelle Proteau P ’16 ’18:
Mr. Bice had such an great impact on so many including my entire family. He was present, had kind words for everyone he met, always ready to listen. His humility and grace were remarkable, it made him such an amazing role model. It was truly an honor to have known him. He left a wonderful legacy behind him.

Mary-Joan Buckley P ’18:
Frank Bice was the most positive person one ever met.  Frank was an amazing friend. He cared deeply for his students' success in the classroom, on the field and in their faith.  2Timothy 4:7-8  I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.  Best describes Frank Bice.  The Buckley family misses Frank Bice immensely.  We know he is at peace in Heaven.

Ellen O'Meara P ’19:
Frank was such an inspiration to myself and Mimi. We'll never forget him and the lessons he taught us about life. 

Gillian Schullery ’18:
Mr. Bice was the most selfless, kind, and inspirational person I have ever known. It was an honor to have him as a teacher, coach, and mentor. His presence and impact on the Canterbury community will never be forgotten.

Nolly Pastore ’96:
I always remember Mr. Bice's smile and his positive attitude.

Gianna Terracino ’19:
I just would like to thank you Mr. Bice for not only being a great mentor and teacher but also a great friend. Thank you for always listening and giving me your amazing words of encouragement with everything I did. Everyone who was able to be blessed with your presence will keep you in their hearts forever. You have made a huge impact in my life and I will always be so thankful that I got to know you. Thank you for everything Mr. Bice, rest peacefully.

Kyle Lynch ’16:
Mr. Bice made a lasting impression on my life as long as many others and I could not be more grateful. Will never forget those classes spent with him or our conversations about the game on Saturday/Wednesday.

Cody Bernard ’17:
Mr. Bice was my closest mentor, whenever any hardship comes in my life, he's able to point me in the direction of where I should be spending my focus. Phenomenal man who will remain in all our hearts through eternity. Rest in Paradise Mr. Bice, you will be missed.

David Goracy P ’18:
I had the privilege of meeting Mr. Bice while my daughter attended Canterbury. Who could not be inspired by his example? A man like no other.

Francesca Piccolo ’16:
Every Thanksgiving, I tell my family a story that Mr. Bice told me when I was a student at Canterbury five years ago. Essentially the message was to always be grateful for who you have at your table, not just Thanksgiving, but every day of the year, whether they are there in person or in heart. I've told this story five years in a row and will continue to for years. Mr. Bice taught me so many valuable lessons in my years at Canterbury. He will always be one of my favorite teachers at this school and in my heart.

Joanna Woodworth ’77, P ’11 ’13
Frank was an inspiration. He was friendly, kind, caring, and just a wonderful person.

Joe DeSantis P ’20 ’22 ’24:
I can't say that I knew Frank closely, but my wife's family did. The several times I met him, he always had such a positive attitude. He was easy to talk to and always welcoming. My children looked up to him as a leader at Canterbury. He was a big piece of Canterbury for the 20+ years I have known about the school and will always be thought of when we visit the school.

Jackson Zavatsky ’20:
Mr. Bice was the embodiment of a true saint. He was caring, he was selfless, and most of all, he was himself. There was never a moment when he wasn't radiating positivity and doing good unto others. This was not because he had to, but because he wanted to. He left a tremendous impact on the entire Canterbury community and those who were fortunate enough to know him.

Chris Huntington ’83:
Frank was always so outgoing and generous! He was a special person in so many ways! An inspiration and a friend. RIP Frank

Quentin Silverio ’18:
Mr. Bice took time almost every morning to ask about how things were going in my life.  He assured me constantly that no matter how difficult things get they will always get better.  I feel extremely lucky to have been as close with him as I was and I will use what he taught me for my entire life.

Caroline Stolfi ’15:
Mr. Bice was a bright light on my high-school experience. He was the most loving, friendly, inspiring, funny and kind man I've ever met and his impact on myself and so many other students cannot be understated. We miss you Mr. Bice!!

Monica Bennett ’73
He was a great friend to my nephew Timothy and fully embraced the spiritual enlightenment of the Saints he taught. RIP.

Anna Imrie '20
Mr Bice was always an amazing spirit on campus. Just passing him and saying hi or petting Kelly was a regular part of my day. He was inspirational and had a contagious smile.

Jeaneville Quaye '18
Mr. Bice was an extraordinary individual who impacted my life and many others' so positively. He was always so optimistic and inspirational. I am extremely thankful to have known him.

Patrick Finn
Frank was an inspiration always, but on a day to day basis, mainly a friend to my wife Gina and I and my family, a confidante and a fellow teacher and coach.

Janice Graham P'21
You will continue to be a inspiration to the Canterbury Family!

James Duffy
A powerful example of manhood, friendship and good natured ness combined with enormous strength and faith.

Melissa Houck '94
Thank you for sharing your deep faith, warmth, humor and just being “you”. I’m blessed to have known you and feel comforted knowing that you are watching over us all. Once an angel among us.... forever an angel above us

Jack McNulty
Frank inspired me to trust in God and that through His grace, all is made good.

Henry Garcia '15
Frank Bice taught me the value of life and to do as much with it as possible. His wisdom brought a whole new meaning to how I should live my life. With faith, anything is possible. Thank you Frank.

Maddie Finnen '16
Mr Bice was an amazing influence on my brother and I during our time at Canterbury. I will be forever grateful for his words of kindness and support and will take his advice with me forever. We miss him more everyday.

JJ Dunn '15
Changed my life for the better. Thank you for everything you did for me Coach, miss you everyday.

Cody Bernard '17
He was the best mentor I’ve ever
And the best man looking out for me I have ever known as small-town kid that got the privilege to go to Canterbury School. He looked out for me every day and taught lessons.

Bryan Bollen '97
God Bless you Frank, you have touched so many hearts including my own.

Julia Dellarusso '17
Mr. Bice made an effort to get to know everyone. His positive attitude and kindness made the biggest impact on Canterbury. I cant imagine my experience with out him and Kelly!! I was fortunate enough to have him coach me my sophomore year in lacrosse and his skills and lessons he gave me is something I will keep close to me forever

Devon Wall '17
I find myself incredibly fortunate to have been able to experience the kindness, inspiration, and overall positivity that Frank exuded at all times. Whether it was as a coach, a teacher, or just simply as a mentor, his words of encouragement and advice never failed to make lasting impacts on those around him.

Jessica Garcia '19
Mr. Bice is the kindest person I have ever met. He is the pinnacle of meeting what life gives you with grace, humility, and strength. He made everyone feel so comfortable around him, was always willing to serve and help and laugh. I admire him so much and am forever grateful for everything he did for me personally, as well as the Canterbury community and beyond.

Olivia Allen '20
Mr. Bice was an inspiration to me! He was always kind.

Sophia Poli '18
Mr. Bice continues to inspire me every day with the reminder of his positive and upbeat attitude. I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to be in his presence, as my teacher, coach, and friend.

John Martiska '19
Mr. Bice was the first Canterbury faculty member I was introduced to on my very first day at Canterbury, and from that day on he became one of the single most influential people I have ever met. If there is anybody that deserves the title of "Saint", it's truly Mr. Bice.

Grant Tessitore ’19:
Mr. Bice was one of the kindest, happiest and most thoughtful people I've ever met in my life and by far the strongest.

Stacey Allen P ’10 ’20:
A gentle soul who guided Canterbury students with grace, conviction and humor.

Margie Jenkins:
Frank was an extraordinary human being. He was the perfect role model for the students in his love of life and his ability to overcome adversity with grace and dignity. Frank was a good friend to me, my children, and to so many others. I will never forget his smile which could light up an entire room. The world is a better place having had Frank in it.

Maureen Pizzano P ’18 ’22:
Thank you for all you have done for the Canterbury community.

Anna Orlando ’17:
Mr. Bice was my confirmation sponsor, coach, and friend. My favorite memory of Mr. Bice was him pulling me aside and asking if I wanted to do some extra sprints with him to prepare for lacrosse, of course I said yes. We went out everyday in the freezing cold and ran sprints. He would tell me each time to run for someone or something that means a lot to me. What I never told him was that each of those sprints I thought of him. He was an amazing person, someone you strive to be like. He is very much missed by everyone.

Tom Taylor P ’87 ’89:
Frank was one of the best people I ever met and his impact on many students lives was tremendous. I never once heard him complain.

Carol Carmody P ’18:
Mr. Bice, such a part of our family's Canterbury experience. We feel lucky to have known and been known by this amazing and unforgettable human being.

Robert Farley ’77:
I was very fortunate to spend a few years as a classmate of Frank's at Canterbury. My fondest memory has always been his gracious and calm manner in small gatherings of friends or his silent tenacity on the sports field. His devotion to Christ and our savior, second to none. To me he will always be a champion as I had the privilege to know him, his values and yes, play as a teammate on Varsity Lacrosse together, I could not keep up with him on Football agenda! God bless.

Jen Chandler ’84:
Frank was a wonderful colleague for me during my time teaching at Canterbury. He showed me in so many ways the power of humor, positivity and determination and that one person can impact a great many by the choices that we make. It was an honor to be his colleague.

Jed Dowler ’17:
Mr. Bice was the most authentic and kindhearted person I have ever known. On the field and in the classroom, Mr. Bice had a profound impact on my time at Canterbury. Whenever I had a problem I could confide in him and he always had an anecdote from his own high school days to make me laugh and put me at ease. I will forever cherish my friendship with him.

Devon McCormick:
I only knew Frank for a year, but it was in that year that he inspired me to continue pursuing my dream of working in ministry. I was able to help him care for Kelly, and it was then that we would discuss ministry, women's roles in the Church, and our hopes and dreams for what the future of the Church might look like. I have tried to model my ministerial practices after Frank - filled with love, compassion, and inclusion for all. He was a bright, bright light in my life for far too short of a time, but I am so grateful to have known him and learned from his beautiful heart.

Clara Tomann ’18:
Mr. Bice always had a message of hope and courage and it is times when I need those that I catch myself seeking his guidance and wishing for his encouragement. Mr. Bice was an instrument of peace. I think about what the world would be like if everyone had heard and listened to his message and lived their lives with his mindset. Although he is gone, his legacy will live on if we live our lives like he did- thankful, praising God, and saying "yes."

David Gambardella P ’20:
Thank you for making our Canterbury experience that much more special. You will always have a special place in our hearts.

Elaine Cox P ’16 ’17:
Mr. Bice is a caring and admirable person who will forever be remembered.

Patricia Decker P ’16:
Mr. Bice was an exceptional person. He was always so nice and  we enjoyed having conversations with him. He was always so inspirational and had such a positive outlook. He was one of those people that you only come across once in a while, even for a little while, and they make a lasting impression.

Emily Martino ’17:
Mr. Bice was the greatest coach, teacher and friend. He left such an amazing impact on my life. His smile and laugh filled any room he was in. He taught me how to enjoy life and laugh everyday. His positive attitude was contagious. He was brave, caring, and selfless. Mr. Bice is the true definition of a Saint. A legend and hero to many. His funny stories and wise lessons will never be forgotten. Forever in our hearts, rest in peace.

David Keating ’78:
I knew Frank forty years ago. As a gifted football player - physically strong with a commanding presence - he could easily have been "Big man on Campus" and made life miserable for underclassman. He never never BMOC - he was a good guy. I can honestly say everyone on campus liked and respected Frank. Frank's life was in every respect a recommendation of his Catholic faith and of his family.

Henry Magel:
Best brother in law imaginable.

Margaret Magel:
Love you brother.

Willem Steiner ’19:
Mr. Bice was one of greatest influences on my life during my time at Canterbury. From talking about lacrosse or discussing the stock market I knew I was always going to have an interesting conversation with him. The best part of my day would be seeing him and Kelly in the dinning hall or when I would attend my 6th form theology class where he was the teacher.

Neil Boylan ’79:
I knew Frank Bice as he lived just up the road from me in Munsey Park in Manhasset. Then I had the pleasure of interacting with him again at Canterbury School, during his Senior year of 1976-77 (my first year). Luckily, he came back to Canterbury to teach and coach and I saw him in action on-campus. He's such a great person and athlete and teacher. He, like my father's brother, needed the aid of a wheelchair from his early 20s onward. Frank, like my Uncle Jim Boylan, was undeterred by such things. Both went on to live full and accomplished lives. Frank left us much too soon. The memories of him will go on forever in Manhasset, at Canterbury School, and in any sphere of influence in which Frank lived and worked. He's an inspiration for all of us Saints. Slàinte!

Shannon Kennedy '20
Mr. Bice was part of the reason that I knew God loved me. His smile and love radiated everywhere he went. Mr. Bice made sure you knew that someone cared about you.

Bella Papov '18
I will never forget meeting Mr. Bice briefly before I started at Canterbury. The next time I saw him, over a year late, now as a student, he not only remembered my name but also that I was a swimmer and loved dogs. Mr. Bice touched everyone he met. I feel so lucky to have known him and find myself regularly thinking of stories he shared in class when I am in need of advice or uncertain of what to do.

Thomas Esposito '16
Thank you Mr. Bice for all the words of advice, inspiration, and selflessness. You touched many lives along the way here at Canterbury, including my own. I will never forget our conversations inspiring me to do what I wanted to do, and your teachings in class.You will never be forgotten. God Bless.

Frank Antonello '77
From the first day of 3rd's Football and across decades of reunions both planned and unplanned, I never had a moment with Frank that wasn't relaxed and pleasant, and in fact, I usually came away from each encounter a bit better off than I was when I arrived.

Timothy Welsh
Frank made everyone he can into contact with better people. He found things in you nobody else saw and he could draw out hidden strengths in the name of service. I saw this firsthand with my family, how Frank could ease you toward doing the next right thing. Never a complaint was uttered. He heightened your gratitude by just being with him. If Jesus had a Brother he would look like Frank Bice. Everytime we do service I think of Frankie. Loved, missed, never forgotten. Peace Deacon.

Kevin Mcavoy '77
Frank was a great athlete who outplayed me into sports. Even beat me out for captain and one of them. Even after his injury he still loved lacrosse and coaching young athletes. I had the privilege of coaching with Frank while my son was at Canterbury. His courage and perseverance was an inspiration to us all.

Daniel Weir '15
Mr. Bice was one of the nicest people I have ever met in my life. His positive outlook on life was exceptional and he truly made my time at Canterbury better. Rest In Peace Mr. Bice.

Peyton DeRouen '21
Mr. Bice has to be the kindest person I’ve ever met. He was always so positive and made my day better every time I saw him. So grateful I got know him.

Shane Sellar '15
It is impossible to describe the impact Frank Bice has had on everyone’s life he touched. He was the most inspirational and courageous teacher and coach. He showed everyone how to find hope even in the toughest times. He taught us all that simply showing up changes everything and to have gratitude in every aspect of life.

Chris Powell '17
I couldn’t think of a person that could be a better mentor and role model to the people around him. He touched the lives of so many people and I feel so lucky to have had the experience to have him as a mentor at Canterbury. He had an amazing way of making your day better, helping you with large problems, or just by giving you someone to talk to.

Kim Krinsky P'21
The world is a better place for having had you here! Thank you for touching all our lives in a meaningful and gracious way. We miss you, Frank!

Keith LaChance '16
Thank you for being a mentor and teaching me how to lead. You are an inspiration to so many.

Frank and Philippa Poli P '18, '20
Frank was an inspiration to all that were lucky enough to cross his path. His light continues to shine within us.

Keith Rado
Rest In Peace Frank you will be missed!

Cecilia Poli '20
Mr. Bice kept an open mind and heart to all. His love and kindness towards the world and everyone in it will stay with us always.

Steve Delaney '94
Just an amazing person. A friend, mentor and inspiration to so many. You will be missed Bice!

Jacalyn Pugliese '19
Forever grateful to have had such a remarkable person in my life. Thank you, Mr. Bice, for showing us how to be courageous. We miss you dearly

Philippa Bradshaw P ’19 ’21 ’24:
Thank you for being such a positive influence. May your soul Rest In Peace.

Dan Truffini ’96:
May God bless Frank on his next journey by His side and all of those who loved him here. We are forever blessed in knowing him. "Service makes you powerful, gratitude makes you invincible."

Susan Hodge ’77 P ’15:
Frank was a wonderful classmate. He captured the true spirit of the Saints. In later years when I returned to The Hill to visit my daughter as a student, Frank was always there, as a friend, a teacher and a mentor for my daughter.

Ted Sheehy ’15:
Mr. Bice was an inspiration. His friendly, positive personality lit up campus. A quick conversation with Mr. Bice would make your day. As a teacher and mentor he pushed me to achieve more and be a better person. He is greatly missed but his influence lives on through all of his students.

Michael Ulich ’92:
We should all have the attitude and compassion at Frank.

Frank Patierno ’92:
Mr. Bice was one of the kindest, most upbeat, inspirational people I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. His optimism was contagious. His desire to always make the most of any situation was and continues to be a driving force in how I greet each day. We stayed friends years after I had graduated from Canterbury. He has a spirit you never want to let go of. He will be deeply missed, but the desire to find the silver lining of life he taught all of us will not pass. God Bless.

Roy Fugazy ’78:
A truly inspirational person who exemplified the power of faith and selflessness. We have lost him in body but not in spirit. Frank will always be with us all.

Edward Masiulis:
I was so very fortunate to have had the opportunity to know Frank as a colleague and a friend for several years when I worked on campus at Canterbury School. Frank was a genuinely caring, considerate and compassionate man who truly cared for others. He always greeted everyone with a big smile, warm greeting and true interest in what they had to say and how they were doing. Miss Frank everyday and all that he gave to everyone,  just being himself.   

Megan Shea ’79:
Frank's faith and compassion for others inspired so many of us. Selfless and humble, Frank always greeted others with his great smile. He gave and gave, despite - and arguably because of - life's having thrown him a curveball. Would we were all so unstinting in our kindness and love for each other.

Alex Pitser ’18:
Mr. Bice was a coach, teacher and a friend to thousands. He was always just being himself, and that was more than enough for all of us. "Service make you powerful, gratitude make you invincible."
 "The more hate and energy you give off to others, the more you let them win."

Michelle Cuddeback ’90:
Frank was an incredible member of the St. Dominic Church community in Oyster Bay, Long Island for many years. We very much looked forward to him giving homilies. His words were so inspiring. He baptized our youngest son, Thomas and it meant so much to our family. Frank Bice was a very special person. We consider ourselves fortunate to have had him take part in such an important milestone for our family.

JP Loughran ’16:
Everyone has a few heroes that serve as the guide posts of their life. You're one of mine. And I know you're one for a lot of people here. I think of you often, every time I'm faced with a challenge calling me to be a better man than I currently am. Your ethos live on in so many of us, shepherding generation after generation, as we do the hard work of building a better world together.

Tanner Tardie ’15:
I am so blessed to say that I am one of the many lucky students who was taught by Mr. Bice. Everyone and anyone who knew him, knew what a remarkable man he truly was. His outgoing personality and always smiling face lit up every room he entered. Though he endured challenges, he faced each day with a positive attitude and was always willing to offer a helping hand. Mr. Bice, you are missed every day. Rest In Peace

Michael Parks ’18:
Mr. Bice helped me become the young man I am today. He taught me to be thankful for what I have, how to treat others properly, and remind myself god is always by my side and I must always have faith in him.

Virginia Duff P ’86 ’88 ’91 ’94, GP ’20 ’21 ’22 ’23 ’24:
A wonderful person. He was so nice to my family and I am so sorry for his passing.

Connor Dow ’17:
An amazing man!

Anne Broderick:
What a kind and loving person. Wish we had more time with him.

Christopher O'Brien ’77:
Thank You Jesus!

Carlton Tucker ’73:
RIP, Frank.

Michael Noonan ’90:
To possibly the most ridiculously amazing person to ever have lived, you are missed and loved by all those that had the good fortune to come across your path.

Kate Noonan:
To My Uncle Frank, You were always a guiding light. I feel blessed to have followed in your path in so many ways, finally ending up with you right here at Canterbury.

Peggy Bice:
Despite all of the obstacles Frank dealt with, and they were extreme, he always had a kind word, simple profound advice to offer and a positive attitude. I am forever grateful,to have this beautiful, strong soul as my brother.

Robert O'Donnell:
Frank was a truly amazing teaching colleague and friend.  The level of caring and empathy that he demonstrated for each member of the Canterbury community was truly remarkable.  He epitomized altruism through what he did to support others, academically, socially, emotionally and spiritually.  Regardless of some of the challenges that he was personally facing, he was available to everybody.  We were all fortunate to call him a colleague and friend. His students and those that he guided and coached were so fortunate to experience this once in a lifetime teacher, coach, and mentor.

Judy Flayderman ’77
We have been changed for the better because we knew you.

Christoffer Schlarb '96
Frank Bice was a coach, a teacher, a mentor, and a friend. He always had my back, and was one of the most inspiring people I have ever known. He was deeply spiritual, and his love of faith was so apparent. He was from my Mom's hometown of Manhasset on Long Island, so we always had that connection. He would jokingly call me Schlamannix, favoring my mom's surname and family legacy. I was so glad to reunite with him at Canterbury's centennial celebration and introduce him to my wife and son. Thank you so much for believing in me Mr. Bice, when many others didn't. You are a true SAINT.

Stephanie Stagl '94
The most honest, realistic person that captured the attention of so many....simply by being himself, an awesome man!! Thank you for all you did, you helped so many!!

Carlos R. Del Valle '77
Proud of your legacy.
An example for all of us.

Jennifer Pisano '95
Mr Bice touched the lives everyone he came in contact with. We will miss him greatly.

Erik MacMinn '94
Thank you for the guidance not only while at Canterbury but during my journey through life. You have been a true inspiration for me

Laura Kennedy P'20
Frank Bice was a beautiful presence within the Canterbury community. He was an inspiration to all who met him. Our family is forever grateful for his impact on our daughter and her classmates.

Lisa Wilson '96
Mr. Bice taught me self-belief and self-love, at a time when I didn’t know I could do either of those things. He inspired me to be a better person and to not only love myself but to love others and give to others. He was and remains one of the most influential mentors in my life and I am truly grateful for him. May he rest in eternal peace.

Tandy Mazo P'17
He was a kind soul and an inspiration. He is truly missed.

Margo Burke '76
Frank was one of the nicest most gracious people I have ever met & an inspiration to everyone.

Peggy White '16
He was a kind and gentle soul and made an enormously positive impact on my son. I am grateful that I had a chance to meet him

Megan Tracy '18
Thank you for showing me what it means to lead a life of gratitude and service.

Reilly Mahan '20
Mr. Bice will forever be a role model to so many people that had the honor of meeting him. He is truly an angel.

Connor Amsley '18
Thank you for the motivation and life long lessons.

Maddie and Robin Dreeke
Frank brought peace, serenity and unconditional love wherever he went. We will always miss him.

Brian O'Brien '78
One of greatest ever to graduate, and later teach, at Canterbury. We will never forget your generosity, spirit, strength, and humor.

Diane Alexanian P '21
Frank Bice has left behind an amazing legacy for the Canterbury community. He has made a lasting impact on our son and Sam will always remember him as as one of the kindest, nicest, giving individuals he has ever met. Frank's legacy will live on in all that he has come in contact with throughout his lifetime. Truly a special person and will be missed. The Alexanian Family (Sam 21')

Phillip Sweeney
A gentleman, a teacher, a coach, and friend to all who showed us every day how to live and practice our faith

Winston Curteza '10
Mr. Bice always encouraged me to go above and beyond to do my very best. A lesson that has helped me succeed in college and life.

Geoffrey Regan '76
Really gonna miss you Bango. Fly safe with the rest of the Cranwell Cranes!

Jane Webster
An inspiration to all who knew of him.

Martin O'Connor
Honored to have heard your thoughts on faith and hope. May you rest in peace