Lost Alumni

The following alumni from classes ending in 3s and 8s are listed as 'lost' in our database. We currently do not have any contact information including address, phone, or email. If you know of, or are in contact with any of these alumni/ae, please ask them to update their information with us either online with the form on this page, or by phone at 800-526-1710.

Class of 1938

Pierre Amyot
Harold Plate
Bob Smith

Class of 1943

Ivan Diaz de Aldrey

Class of 1948

Bucky Potter

Class of 1953

Ramon Agudo Baker
Bill Burke
Robert Fagan
William Hanson
Heriberto Lobo
John Quillinan
Henrique Thielen

Class of 1958

Ed Duval
Mike Horigan
Mike Quinn
Mike Shanley

Class of 1963

Sam Floro
Bob Hampton
Warren Pitts

Class of 1968

Bill Harmon
Rob Rosser
Tom Vail

Class of 1973

Bob DiMaio
Charlie Gonzalez
Sean Grady
Miguel Heded
John Heile
John Kelly
Brian McGlynn
Jay Murphy
Brian Neff
Paul Sullivan
Glenn Symon

Class of 1978

Debbie Braun
Kevin Cassidy
Monty Clark
Melissa Elias
Dave Glynn
Mike Hotung
Brendan Keefe
Mark Ketterer
Kim Koslow
John Lambert
Walter Miller
Bob Osowski
Valerie Page
John Rynn
Peter Williams

Class of 1983

Jeff Arnold
Annmarie Caracansi-Bizup
Robin Ferguson
Maria Gonzalez
Sara Hoyle
John Johnston
Kurt Lagerfeldt
Tony Maduri
Darryl Roberts
Pat Timmons
Karen Venice

Class of 1988

Andrea Kershaw
Kate Kristensen
Chantal Lambrix

Class of 1993

Vanessa Azorin Gamero
Neil Barber
Darrell Boston
Natalia Fernandez
Noriko Fukushima
Jose Garcia-Lopez
Hei Shin Ra
Dan Tewolde
Sonia Villalba

Class of 1998

Jimmy Adamo
Kevin Adams
Tony Coman
Omar Khan
Daisuke Koshie
John-Paul Kreppein
Jessica Lena
Crystal Liberia
Rob Weinstein
Aaron Wilson

Class of 2003

Sean Carney
Tina Fekula
Vaughn Ho-Shue
Miranda Itkin
Daniel McCallion
Dimas Mero
Timothy O'Connor
Vincent O'Hara
Oliver Olinyk
Brett Smith

Class of 2008

Kaitlin Badolato
Max Benko
Arianna Bianco
Deanna Ciccarelli
Conor Coyne
Matthew Dominguez
Al Forsyth
Michael Gondola
Rob Hicks
Nick Horvath
Oreese Hoyes
Mike Kaiser
Jennifer Kiarsis
Ellen Lee
John Lorenzetti

Class of 2013

Claire O'Keeffe
Sabrina Saint-Marc

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