Lost Alumni

The following alumni from classes ending in 4s and 9s are listed as 'lost' in our database. We currently do not have any contact information including address, phone, or email. If you know of, or are in contact with any of these alumni/ae, please ask them to update their information with us either online with the form on this page, or by phone at 800-526-1710.

Class of 1934

Paul Beauchemin
John P. McMahon


Class of 1949

Bruce Kull

Class of 1954

William Griffin
James A. McCarthy
Per R. Skjold
Philip E. Worley

Class of 1959

William C. Blind
James M. McCormick
Robert B. Stevens

Class of 1964

Timothy Burke
Martin F. Curry
Michael Dennis
Edward H. Malley
Robert Parker

Class of 1969

Carl Breer
Dennis R. Coffey

Class of 1974

R. C. Casey
Michael P. Donovan
James J. Gillin
Otis C. Pinkerton
Francis D. Pollock
Do Y. Shin
Timothy A. Stevens

Class of 1979

Philip V. Brailsford
David W. Burke
Dennis P. Farley
John F. Gallagher
Andrea N. Gearing
Richard Harriss
Whitney Holden
Bernard J. Kosloski
Afshin Mansoorieh
Daniel McCormick
Derek R. Myers
Daniel Skane
Bolton Sullivan

Class of 1984

Maria De Felix
Lisanne S. Kaplan
Jeffrey T. Schock
David L. Schullinger-Krause
Kimberlin Y. Vasquez
Gretchen C. Williams

Class of 1989

Woo Jin Choi
Jens J. Fornander
Marc B. Gillberg

Class of 1994

Chung-Joo P. Chun
Lenka Fegutova
Masashi Nakamura
Andrew J. Sordoni
Mari K. Tanaka
Diego Terry

Class of 1999

Soyeon Lim
Ryan T. Long
Susan Park

Class of 2004

Alison A. Chiaramonte
Oi Lam I. Lai
Mee Sohn

Class of 2009

Mason M. Frank
Jacqueline Law
Hakyung Oh

Class of 2014

Hythem Al-Mulla
Duksan Jang
Cameron Murray
Steven B. Randazzo

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