Who's Attending

We are looking forward to seeing all alumni back on the hilltop!

June 7-9, 2019

denotes those who have made a gift to the Canterbury Annual Fund. Thank you!

The list of attendees will be updated weekly. 

Old Guard

Bill Morrison ’45  
Jim Briggs ’56  
Ted Kane ’60 


Class of 1954

Eddie Speno 

Class of 1959

Mike Koenig  
Bill Kupersmith  
Tim Kuser  
Frank Molanphy  



Class of 1969

Bob Adikes
Jeff Ahearn
Dennis Bechara
Angelo Brutico
Henry Carr
Tom Clarkson
Matt Coles
Chris Daly 
Dick Gilbane 
Mehrdad Habib 
Ted Haley 
Paul Hanly
Rob Fuldner
Dick LeBlond
John McManamy 
Ned Moore 
Drew Rafuse 
Chris Ryan 

Steve Ryan
Anthony Simpson 
Jim Spencer
Charlie Steers 
Bryan Taylor 
Jack Utano 
Parke Wright 

Class of 1974

Scott Kelly 
George Malhame 
John McDonnell

Class of 1979

Neil Boylan 
Kevin Burke
Denise O'Connor 
Bill Quinlan 
Megan Shea 

Class of 1984

Jay Clarke  
Chrissy Rubin 

Class of 1989

Pepe Fanjul Jr.  

Class of 1994

Mandy (Schofield) Jenkins  
Sheida Larijani  
​​​​​​Jessica (Reilly) Razza

Class of 1999

Tim Laverty
Sara Myjak
Nikyda (Scott) Resto 

Class of 2004

Brian Choi 
Allison Millar  
Sarah Powers  
Macy Steers 

Class of 2009

Billy Bergner 
Mack Fuller 
Chloe Sigillito 

Class of 2014

Katie Bradley 
Antonio Capanna
Jack Elsas 
Casey Fuller 
Abby Jones
David Kang
Grace Mannix
Olivia Steiner 
Jenny Waegelein 

All Other Classes

Mike Carretta ’71  
Marc Vanasse ’73
Nicole (Vanasse) Burke ’75