Hall of Fame Nomination

Nominations are made in one or more of the following categories: Athlete, Coach, Team, or an Extraordinary Sports Achievement, and are in recognition of superior athletic or sports-related accomplishment(s) by a Canterbury alumnus/alumna in his or her service to a sport. In general, athletes must wait 10 years after graduation for Hall of Fame eligibility, coaches may be nominated after retirement, and teams must wait 15 years.

Any person affiliated with Canterbury School may submit a nomination for the Athletics Hall of Fame: this group includes alumni; past and present parents; current, past, and retired coaches; and current, former, retired, and emeriti faculty. Individuals may submit more than one nomination, and there is no limit on the number of nominations a single nominee may receive.

All nominees are considered by the Athletic Hall of Fame Committee, which is comprised of faculty, administrators, and members of the Society of Alumni and the Board of Trustees.

Each nomination must be accompanied by a “resume” explaining why the nominee or team deserves Hall of Fame consideration. This resume should include a detailed explanation of the nominee’s or team's achievements and will be reviewed by the Committee and may be discussed with relevant coaches and faculty as necessary during the vetting process. Please be aware that a nominator may be contacted if the Selection Committee needs more information about the nominee than was included in the nomination form.

Selection is based primarily on athletic accomplishments while at Canterbury; however, athletic achievements following graduation from Canterbury will be taken into consideration. If a nominee is not selected, he/she will remain in consideration for a period of five years.

Following the inaugural year, no more than five nominees will be inducted annually. Special attention will be paid to the composition and balance within each nominated class (i.e., gender, age, sport, etc.). Preference will be given to alumni and the majority of any class should be composed of alumni first. Each class could also have a team and/or a coach as well. However, no class should have more than one team or more than two coaches. There may also be one inductee for the Extraordinary Sports Achievement category in a class. Finally, no class shall have more than one posthumous inductee.

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