Look Who's Coming to Reunion 2017:
Class of '57
Mike Beecher
John Fogarty
Phil Riley

Class of '62
Bob Cusack

Class of '67
Chip Daly
Chris Doyle
Mike Foley
Bob Gilbane
Brett Haire
Hank Johnson
Peter Miller
Chris Pierce
Bill Ranger
Gary Sheehan
Pat Tokarz
Ed Wallace

Class of '72
Chip Berman
Greg Coleman
Paul Gelinas
David Henderson
Peter McGowan
John O'Brien
Michael Seaman
John Sheehan
Peter Shonk

Class of '77
Diane Barton
Frank Bice
Clary Rovira Bojanowski
Sue Cooper Hodge
Larry Fisher
Elaine Peer
Joanna Woodworth

Class of '78
Peter Tucker

Class of '82
Curt Cannata
Al Esposito

Class of '87
Landis Becker Young
Chad Burhance
Lori Wellman Ellis

Class of '92
Tom Hammer
Patricia Rasmussen

Class of '97
Tim Coleman
Danielle Conkling
Katherine Murphy DeCoff
Simon Smith

Class of '02
Gerard Duffy

Class of '07
Christian Cirillo
Dan Dunphy
Bryan Haesloop
Bridget Heaton
Pavlo Kozhokin
Ross Norcom

Class of '12
Brendan Casey
Scott Casley
Niall Devaney
AJ DiRienzo
Anthony Donato
Lindsay Gersky
Tom Harrison
Ryan Healy
Jake Jednorowicz
Nick Martell
Johnny McCarthy
Ryan Melvin
Seth Menghi
Kenny Morrisino
Joe Najm
Mike Odenwaelder
Sean Owens
Nic Pierog
Victoria Pucci

Society of Alumni

SOA Executive Committee

Your Society of Alumni (SOA) is led by the Executive Committee. These dedicated Saints are committed to serving you and implementing programs and initiatives that keep you connected to each other and alma mater.

Peter J. Tucker ’78, President
Victoria Bundonis Rovin ‘81, Vice President
John B. Gaffney ’90, Secretary

James R. Briggs ’56, ex-officio
William R. Finn ’07
Renata Gagnon Kennedy ’00
George E. Malhame ’74
Robert B. Maloney ’95
William F. Meara III ’97
John M. Niles ’68
Sarah Knup O’Leary ’98
Nolly Portillo Pastore ’96
Patricia Sordoni Rasmussen ’92
William “Macy” Steers Jr. ’04

Standing committees:
Engagement/Canterbury Core
Chaired by Patricia Rasmussen ’92 and Victoria Bundonis Rovin ’81

Marketing and Communications
Chaired by Renata Kennedy ’00 and Bill Meara ’97

Chaired by John Niles ’68 and Macy Steers ’04

Interested in joining a committee?
If you have time and talents to share and wish to help advance the work of the SOA, please contact Jen Loprinzo, Director of Alumni and Parent Relations, at jloprinzo@cbury.org
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