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Currently serving as the Executive Deputy Commissioner and COO of the New York State Office of General Services (OGS), Alexandra is responsible for the agency’s overall administration and effective business operations across all service areas. OGS manages state-owned and leased real property; designs and builds facilities; contracts for goods, services, and technology; and delivers a wide array of enterprise-based support services to New York State agencies, local governments, non-profits, and the public. 

Alexandra joined OGS from the New York City Department of Small Business Services (SBS), where she served as Assistant Commissioner for Workforce1. In this role, she oversaw the operation of the nation’s largest network of federally funded career centers which provide career advisement, recruitment, and training services to more than 80,000 New Yorkers and 1,500 businesses annually. Prior to SBS, Alexandra worked as a consultant, providing non-profits, small businesses, and Fortune 100 companies with support in community engagement, corporate social responsibility, government relations, and thought leadership.

Before moving to the private sector, Alexandra served in the New York State Governor’s Executive Chamber as a Senior Policy Advisor and Empire State Fellow focused on Civil Rights, Economic Development, Workforce Development, and Worker Protection. Alexandra has also served as a legal associate on the Newark Board of Education in Newark, New Jersey, where she was responsible for the negotiation and compliance of collective bargaining agreements with eight unions; represented the Board in arbitrations, grievances, and disciplinary actions; and assisted with the implementation of federally funded grants.

Alexandra received her BA from Boston College, her MA from Columbia University, and her JD from the University of Connecticut.

What advice would you give to young women in high school today?

First, dream, dream, and dream more. Be limitless with your dreams. Second, set a goal or two or three based on your dreams. Third, create a plan outlining how you will accomplish each goal to realize your dreams. Fourth, execute your plan. Finally, and most importantly, always ask for help along the way. Chances are there is someone who has done what you want to do or something similar and they will have invaluable advice to share. Moreover, the idea that a person can be “self-made” is a fallacy. Put another way, the self-made person is a myth. We all need a village, team, squad, board of directors, or collective to help us navigate life and realize our dreams. 

What is your favorite Canterbury memory?

I have a lifetime of memories from Canterbury, and some of the most meaningful ones led me to developing lifelong friendships with people who have become family. Special shout-out to Anna, Hariston, Michael, Osato, and Stacy Jo. I love y’all!

Has anyone in your life been a mentor to you? How did their advice help you?

I am blessed to have an army of mentors that I lean on for support almost every day. Again, we all need a village or team to help guide us on our journey. At Canterbury, many of my peers, teachers, and coaches served as mentors and their guidance made life as a boarder not just feasible but enjoyable.

Which Canterbury faculty member had the greatest impact on you?

Gina B. Finn. Hands down. Mrs. Finn served as my advisor, coach, teacher, mentor, and sponsor. She was a tireless guide and advocate for me and many others at Canterbury. I know it takes a village to accomplish anything; however, I would not have made it to graduation without Mrs. Finn’s support and open-door policy. She is one in a million and I am forever grateful. Thank you, ma’am!

What is something you learned at Canterbury that has stuck with you into adulthood?

The importance of selfless and intentional public service. My commitment to service began at Canterbury and continues to inform every aspect of my life.

What is one thing that is on your bucket list?

To write a New York Times best seller. I have plans for fiction and non-fiction projects. Time will tell which comes first. Stay tuned!

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