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State-of-the-Art Spaces for Your Creativity to Shine

Whether you are involved in theater, playing an instrument, singing, or creating something with your hands, we have the resources to help you excel. Regardless of skill level, you will find fulfillment and enjoyment immersing yourself in the arts within these fabulous facilities on our hilltop.

Edward J. Duffy Family Art Center and Gallery

This engaging facility is designed with collaboration and creative experiences in mind. It contains three art studios and an art gallery that all flow easily from one space to the next. Students of all skill levels learn ceramics, drawing, painting, sculpture, architecture, and more in our studios. The gallery frequently showcases student artwork as well as a rotating schedule of visiting artists.
Students working in Edward J. Duffy Family Art Center and Gallery
Photo of Mcguire Auditorium

Maguire Auditorium

A campus mainstay for more than 50 years, Maguire Auditorium underwent extensive renovations in the summer of 2018 to transform into the fabulous 400-seat venue that students enjoy today. The auditorium is the central gathering space for School Meetings, concerts, theater presentations, and guest speakers. It also hosts alumni, parents, and other visitors for special presentations and events. Maguire uses a professional digital sound system with a 24-channel digital mixer and features professional stage lighting.

L. Michael Sheehy ’56 Choral Classroom

Built in 2001, this flexible classroom, rehearsal, and performance space is used by Canterbury’s Varsity Voices, Chorale, and instrumental groups. It also regularly hosts student ensembles and individual recitals.
Students singing in the L. Michael Sheehy ’56 Choral Classroom
Students in The Steve and Lacey Hume Music Center.

The Stephen & Lacey Hume Music Center

The Hume Music Center is home to a recording studio, guitar classroom, computer music labs featuring the latest music creation workstations and software, and various other spaces equipped with musical instruments and gear for lessons and rehearsals. Here, students not only master music performance; they learn the high-end technology and techniques used by professional recording engineers.

Coleman Digital Media Lab

Located in the Steers Center, this multi-purpose lab meets every digital need for our art and design students. It includes a space with lighting, backdrops, and a green screen ideal for photo and video shoots and can be rearranged as needed for different settings. Another section offers 10 Mac Studio stations and numerous Wacom tablets to design and draw on. Students in the digital lab courses use the equipment for video, photography, and digital illustration. 
Coleman Digital Media Lab
Student and adult in the art studio.