Competing as a SAINT

Our goal is to continue to encourage both a broad and deep athletic experience for all of our students, from novice to those who will compete in college.

EVERY DAY THEY PRACTICE AND PLAY, OUR ATHLETES ACHIEVE SOMETHING REMARKABLE. They build skills, strength, and fitness. They push their personal boundaries. And, they fuel the spirit that unites us as members of the Canterbury community. Our athletic program has a proud winning tradition dating back decades, and every time we take to the field, we look to extend that tradition. However, athletics at Canterbury are about far more than winning. An integral part of your education, it is a way to learn lessons that cannot be taught so powerfully in any other setting—lessons in character, discipline, accountability, along with friendship, and teamwork. Through your athletic experience, you will gain self-reliance that will serve you well for many years after your last season playing as a Saint.

Canterbury offers its athletes the facilities they need to excel, from one of the best aquatics centers in New England to our ice rink, nine playing fields, squash courts, and rowing site on the Housatonic River.

Athletic Requirements

Athletic Requirements beginning for the 2018-19 Academic Year:

  • All students must compete in an interscholastic sport (or the equivalent) in two out of three seasons during the year with the option to do a third season or choose an afternoon activity.
  • All students must participate in an athletic or afternoon activity in all three seasons.
  • All Third and new Fourth Formers must participate on a team sport in the fall of their first year at Canterbury.

Our goal is to continue to encourage both a broad and deep athletic experience for all of our students, from novice to those who will compete in college.

We have many athletes who will go on to play at the collegiate level and many others new to their sport and still building skills. We support and take pride in all of our athletes.
Jim Stone, Athletic Director

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Athletic Facilities

Athletes of the Week

Molly Clancy '20
Molly Clancy '20

Team: Varsity Volleyball
During the team's three-matches-in-one-week stretch, Molly '20 recorded 15 kills and several dig saves in the back row for the Saints.

Spencer McLean '19
Spencer McLean '19

Team: Varsity Water Polo
In two close wins over Hotchkiss School, CT and Suffield School, CT, Spencer '19 scored six and nine goals in each respective game and had several blocks and steals.

Kion Gilzene-Tucker '19
Kion Gilzene-Tucker '19

Team: Varsity Football
Kion '19 has rushed for 160 yards, caught four pass for 80 yards, and scored four touchdowns for the Saints—just in the first two games.

Whitney Schwitter '19
Whitney Schwitter '19

Team: Girls' Varsity Soccer
Whitney '19 scored the game-winning goal for the Saints during their 1-0 win game against Ethel Walker School, CT.

Jon Fernandes '20
Jon Fernandes '20

Team: Boys' Varsity Soccer
Jon '20 has been a dominant force in the midfield for the Saints, scoring four goals in four games.

Jami Procanik '19
Jami Procanik '19

Team: Girls' Varsity Field Hockey
Jami '19 had a shut out against Millbrook School, CT to held aid the Saints to a 7-0 win. She has a recorded 86 saves in five games.

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