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Competing as a SAINT

Our goal is to continue to encourage both a broad and deep athletic experience for all of our students, from novice to those who will compete in college.

EVERY DAY THEY PRACTICE AND PLAY, OUR ATHLETES ACHIEVE SOMETHING REMARKABLE. They build skills, strength, and fitness. They push their personal boundaries. And, they fuel the spirit that unites us as members of the Canterbury community. Our athletic program has a proud winning tradition dating back decades, and every time we take to the field, we look to extend that tradition. However, athletics at Canterbury are about far more than winning. An integral part of your education, it is a way to learn lessons that cannot be taught so powerfully in any other setting—lessons in character, discipline, accountability, along with friendship, and teamwork. Through your athletic experience, you will gain self-reliance that will serve you well for many years after your last season playing as a Saint.

Canterbury offers its athletes the facilities they need to excel, from one of the best aquatics centers in New England to our ice rink, nine playing fields, squash courts, and rowing site on the Housatonic River.


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