Gunnery Day

Athletic teams from Canterbury and The Gunnery came together in the spirit of competition, sportsmanship and camaraderie to participate in Gunnery Day. The one-day event rotates between the two campuses on an annual basis. Gunnery Day 2019 will be hosted by Canterbury.

Gunnery-Canterbury Cup

The Canterbury-Gunnery Cup is a year-long competition in which one point is awarded to the winner of each head-to-head interscholastic athletic contest, regardless of level, between Canterbury and The Gunnery.  Ties are worth half a point.  At the end of the year, the school with the most points wins the cup.





JV Field Hockey 9/25/19 4 0
Boys Varsity Cross Country 10/23/19 22 38
Girls Varsity Cross Country 10/23/19 33 22
JV Field Hockey 10/26/19 3 1
Varsity Field Hockey 11/9/19 2 1
Boys Varsity Soccer 11/9/19 6 0
Boys JV Soccer 11/9/19 5 1
Girls Varsity Soccer 11/9/19 4 0
JV Field Hockey 11/9/19 1 0
Running Totals   8 1