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A Slice of Canterbury Life

A Slice of Canterbury Life
Meredith Berry-Toon

Eight lucky Canterbury students enjoyed a pizza party with head of school Rachel Stone, her husband Jim, and their two sons on Tuesday, February 7. Genine and Michael McCormick, parents of Fourth Former Olivia, purchased the event at the 2016 Benefit Auction last October.

Olivia and seven of her friends, Sydney Desmarais, Whitney Schwitter, Bridget Murphy, Jami Procanik, Sherley Arias Pimentel, Julia DellaRusso, and Sarah Buckingham, sampled the delicious fare and spent "family" time with the Stones. Carminuccio's Pizza, owned by Edward and Kellie Martino, parents of Sixth Formers Emily and Mary Kate, supplied and delivered the food.

"This perfect mid-winter gathering brought together amazing food and great company, " said Rachel Stone. "Welcoming Canterbury students into our home is such a benefit of working and living on campus. Hosting them is not only fun, but it also helps me stay connected to their day-to-day lives. And our boys, Kip and Cullen, loved it, too."

"While talking with the Stones, we all commented on how much we love Canterbury because it feels like home," said Bridget Murphy. "Mr. and Mrs. Stone's hospitality couldn't have demonstrated this more. Kip and Cullen's enthusiasm, as well as Mr. and Mrs. Stone's evident interest in our opinions and well-being made us feel very welcome."