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Alumni Musicians Return for Spring Concert

Meredith Berry-Toon

The Canterbury community gathered on Friday, March 2 for the Canterbury Music Festival Past-to-Present, the first-ever springtime concert during which alumni returned to campus to perform with current students.

Returning alumni includes Willy Tully '06 on drums, Nick Cabrera '09 on guitar and vocals, Paul Deedon '09 on bass, Kelly Hu '17 on piano and vocals, and Cam Napier '17 on bass. All alumni travelled significant distances - some flying in from California and Tennessee - to be a part of the festival.

Alumni and students performed current pop songs such as Ed Sheeran's Perfect and Norah Jones' Don't Know Why in addition to musical originals written by Olivia McCormick '19.

"I am so proud of the Canterbury Music Alumni for giving back to the community by sharing the stage with current music students," noted Dave Overthrow, Director of Music and organizer of the event. "I am also proud of the current music students for having the confidence in displaying their talents while performing with the alumni. This was a great event for Canterbury Music and the Canterbury community."

Canterbury student groups that performed included the Jazz/R&B Combo, Concert Jazz Band, Rock Band, and Chamber Group. David Overthrow directs the Jazz Combo and Concert Jazz Band while Hafez Taghavi directs the Chamber Group.

"Our classmates are so talented,"remarked Gabby Vitelli '18. "We were excited to celebrate their talents."

To view photos of the event, please see our Flickr here.