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An International Affair to Remember

Kelly Slonaker

At the end of April, students celebrated the multicultural diversity of our School community with International Week. Organized by International Student Ambassadors—with help from French teacher and Director of International Students Tamara Devine and Assistant Dean of Students Elyse (EJ) Soifersmith—the week included several multicultural events to bring the community together and learn more about our students’ heritage and identities.

International flags were hung in the Steers Center throughout the week, and students enjoyed a World Soccer Jersey Day where they were encouraged to represent their favorite soccer teams from around the globe. On Saturday, May 1, student ambassadors organized an International Affair held in Pigott Arena, which offered cuisines and music from multiple countries and territories, including Brazil, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, Nigeria, South Korea, China, Italy, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Russia, Syria, and Canada. Students prepared traditional foods from their countries of origin and shared stories and information about their culture. 

The week concluded with an International Film Marathon on Sunday, where Minari (South Korea), Better Days (China), and Le Nouveau (The New Kid, France) were screened in the Steers Center. To celebrate the week, Fifth Form student Hanyan Cai produced his own short film which introduces several members of the international student community and interviews them about their favorite foods, memories, and aspects of their home country. “Making videos is my passion and I loved being able to use my skills to present International Week to the school in a fun and comprehensive manner,” Hanyan shared. He spent hours designing the scenes and editing the video with music, and thoroughly enjoyed the entire process. “Being able to do something I love and make this video for International Week was one of best times I’ve had at Canterbury. Working and planning the video with International Student Ambassadors and my friends, also gave me great joy. International Week was a blast, especially the International Affair, where students could share a part of their tasty culture with everyone!”

You can watch the fantastic video here. Well done, Hanyan and the International Student Ambassadors, for a fantastic International Week!