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Angel Fu ’25: A Caring Voice “For Those Who Can’t Speak”

Angel Fu ’25: A Caring Voice “For Those Who Can’t Speak”
Jim Norman

One of the goals of Canterbury’s Saints on the Hill program is to allow students to “speak about their particular passions.” When Yueanshu “Angel” Fu ’25 addressed the campus community about a cause near and dear to her heart—helping stray animals—her passion was obvious.

Titled “For Those Who Can’t Speak,” Angel’s presentation touched on why she was driven to support these abandoned animals and what she is doing about it. Hailing from Kunming, Yunnan, China, Angel credits her family with inspiring this passion in her. “They were always taking care of animals to give them food and a place to rest,” she recalled.

Angel went on to explain why so many stray animals are in the streets. “Owners abandon them for many reasons,” she said. “They are not ready to own pets. They suddenly realize, ‘My apartment does not allow me to have cats’ or ‘I am too busy to walk the dog.’ Only two percent of these animals survive the winter, and that is very sad.” She added that many simply get lost when they walk outside or escape or are offspring of other stray animals.  

Compelled to take action, Angel created a design for a simple-structure shelter that people can provide to stray animals to help them survive. They sell for $10 each, and all the money earned is donated to non-profit organizations or local shelters that save animals. She also suggested other ways to help. 

“Even if you do not want to buy a shelter, you still can do something for the animals,” she urged. “Give them food or something warm. Do not hurt them, even if you don’t like them. And adopt instead of buy.”

Animals in need are indeed fortunate to have this guardian Angel looking out for them.