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Awards Assembly Celebrates Members of the Third, Fourth, and Fifth Forms

Awards Assembly Celebrates Members of the Third, Fourth, and Fifth Forms
Jim Norman

The Underform Awards Assembly was held May 26 to honor Third, Fourth, and Fifth Form students for their academic accomplishments and extracurricular leadership in the 2021-22 academic year. The event took place in Maguire Auditorium during School Meeting.

In her opening remarks to the community, Head of School Rachel Stone P ’23, ’24 offered high praise and appreciation for the Underform students. “Congratulations to all of our students for reaching the final stretch of the academic year,” she said. “Collectively, you have approached new experiences with an open and curious mind, accepted challenges rather than taken the easy route, and learned a great deal about yourselves along the way. For this, and for the extraordinary efforts of your teachers—now in their fifth semester impacted by the pandemic—we are both proud and grateful.”

Rachel also offered the students an important reminder: “Your experiences here—the relationships you build, classes, sports and instruments you try for the first time, faculty you learn to lean on and trust, and your individual growth that stems from those experiences—that is the true prize, wouldn’t you agree? So as we celebrate success and noteworthy performance this morning, please remember that these awards are an acknowledgement of excellent, persistent work but not a definition of where you stand, or who you are, as students and people. Do not lose sight of how you have grown this past year and of the importance of finishing well next week.” 

The Underform Awards were then presented…

  • Nicholas DiTullio Award ’01, presented each year to a girl and boy from the Third or Fourth Form who compete at the sub-varsity level and demonstrated a love for and dedication to athletics—Austin Moozar ’24 and Lea Ruisi ’24


  • Edward F. Mack Awards, given in memory of Edward F. Mack, who was a Master at Canterbury from 1928–1957, presented to students for their contribution in a particular area of school life—

    • Contributions to The Cantaurian: Fiona Mulheren ’23

    • Contributions to Theatre for Technical Theatre: Fiona Mulheren ’23 and Ziyi “Owen” Wang ’24


  • Dr. Nelson Hume Speech Competition Awards, given memory of Dr. Nelson Hume, the founding Headmaster, who was himself a noted orator, by the English Department to the winners of the Underform Speech Competition—

    • Third Form: Seoin “Eva” Choi ’25

    • Fourth Form: Chloe Herr ’24

    • Fifth Form: Erin Flaherty ’23

    • Outstanding Speaker for 2022: Luke Germain ’23


  • Francis T. Carmody ’25 Prize Awards, given in memory of Trustee Francis Carmody, son of founding Trustee Terrence Carmody, for creative talent in studio art—Xinyi “Lisa” Weng ’23


  • Edward J. Duffy Family Award, given in memory of Mr. Duffy by his children for excellence in the study of studio art—Han “Alisa” Cui ’24


  • James P. Shea Award, in honor of James Shea, coach, history teacher, and department chair who served the School from 1955-1997, to the Fifth Form student of U.S. History who demonstrated improvement in persuasive argument, curiosity for knowledge through research, and a general appreciation for historical interpretation—Annaleise Booth ’23


  • James D. Higgins ‘44 History Thesis Award, awarded to the author of the best research paper written for U.S. History classes—

    • Presented to a student in Honors United States History who conducted a thorough process of research and writing to create the best historical research paper: Samantha Hawley ’23

    • Presented to a student in AP United States History who wrote the best historical argument using historical documents and research: Lisa Weng ’23


  • Fifth Form College Book Awards given by prestigious colleges and universities to outstanding high school juniors from participating schools —

    • St. Lawrence University Book Award presented in recognition of the value that the St. Lawrence community places on service to others, to honor the achievements of a student who has displayed significant commitment to community service: Hannah Nash ’23 and Avery Trach ’23

    • Smith College Book Award given to a student in the Fifth Form with significant academic potential and a commitment to making a difference in their school community—Olivia Lynn ’23

    • Rensselaer Award presented to a student in the top 10% of the Fifth Form whose academic performance in advanced math and science courses has been outstanding, who demonstrates potential for success in a challenging academic setting, and who exhibits significant involvement in extracurricular activities: Junseong Jo ’23

    • Dartmouth College Book Award, presented by the local Dartmouth Club to a student in the Fifth Form who is in the top 10% of the class who has demonstrated strong character, has made a positive contribution to the school community and has excelled in at least one non-academic area: Huanrui “Paul” Hu ’23

    • University of Pennsylvania Book Award awarded by UPenn’s Association of Alumni to a student in the Fifth Form who is ranked near the top 5% of the class, is enrolled in the most rigorous academic program, demonstrates leadership in athletics and the school community and is highly respected by peers and faculty for high personal and academic integrity: Lily LaVigne ’23

    • Harvard College Book Award given by the Harvard Alumni to a student in the Fifth Form who combines excellence in academics with significant achievement in extracurricular endeavor: Lisa Weng ’23


  • Canterbury Honor Society, presented to Fifth Form students with a highest honors cumulative GPA enrolled in a rigorous academic program with the most demanding courses in at least three disciplines—John Bagg ’23, Paul Hu ’23, Junseong Jo ’23, Connor Koh ’23, Lily LaVigne ’23, Olivia Lynn ’23, Riley McPhee ’23, Alexander Olcese ’23, Liam Teeking ’23, Avery Trach ’23, and Lisa Weng ’23


  • Roderick Clarke ‘46 Distinguished Academic Achievement Awards, given by the Class of 1956 in memory of Former Headmaster Rod Clarke ’46 to the member of each class with the highest cumulative GPA—

    • Third Form: Catherine Zeng ’25

    • Fourth Form: Ella Caraluzzi ’24

    • Fifth Form: Paul Hu ’23


Attendees were then treated to spirited performances by Canterbury’s Contemporary Music Band and Rock Band.

Congratulations, Saints!