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Canterbury-Colegio San Cayetano Exchange Has Begun

Canterbury-Colegio San Cayetano Exchange Has Begun
Meredith Berry-Toon

Seven students, four boys and three girls from Colegio San Cayetano in Mallorca, Spain, arrived at JFK on Saturday afternoon, October 22, for their stay at Canterbury.

The students from Spain will live with their host families, attend classes at Canterbury, participate in sports, and just live life in the U.S. One of the participants, Wyatt Campbell, is a boarding student and resides in Hickory Hearth, and so Miguel Rubi will live with him and experience Canterbury from a unique perspective.

On the day after their arrival, the Spanish students and their host participated in a variety of fall activities. Spencer McLean and his family took Miguel Fernandez on a hike to the Pinnacle, in Washington, CT. They saw the fall colors surrounding Lake Waramaug. Jenna Trezza and her family took Marina Mestre pumpkin picking. Erin Kincade and her family went with Miriam Lopez to the Pumpkin Blaze in Croton-on Hudson, NY. The boys got together at Bounce!, a new trampoline facility in Danbury. After bouncing, the group ate Pepe's pizza in Danbury.

The exchange students will be at Canterbury for the next five weeks. They will participate in Halloween festivities, and they will be in the States during the 2016 presidential election. In addition, they will celebrate Thanksgiving with their American family.

The first leg of the 2016 Canterbury–Colegio San Cayetano Exchange took place August 18 to September 24. Canterbury students spent five weeks in Palma de Mallorca enjoying the island lifestyle and going to classes at Colegio San Cayetano. They spent three weeks of summer vacation there and attended classes for two weeks.

The Canterbury-San Cayetano Exchange Program began in 2010. To participate on the exchange, a student must be take Spanish, be a Fourth or Fifth Former, and complete an application process that starts in January for the following school year.

For information regarding the exchange, contact

To see photos of the exchange, follow cburylanguages on Instagram.

The Canterbury students and their guests are:

Coco Booth ('19) hosts Olivia Manera

Erin Kincade ('18) hosts Miriam López

Jenna Trezza ('18) hosts Marina Mestre

Adrian DeCola ('19) hosts Marco Alberti

Brendan Omaña ('19) hosts Carlos Mus

Wyatt Campbell ('19) hosts Miquel Ángel Rubí

Spencer McLean ('19) hosts Miguel Fernández