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Canterbury Honor Society Dinner Celebrates Sixth Form Members

Kelly Slonaker

On Monday, May 17, the School celebrated Sixth Form members of the Canterbury Honor Society with a dinner and awards ceremony held in the Steers Center. The Canterbury Honor Society was founded during the 1989-1990 academic year to advance scholarship and to foster the love of learning at Canterbury School. The faculty Honor Society Committee meets each September and January to review the academic program of eligible candidates in the Fifth and Sixth Form. To be eligible for consideration, candidates must be enrolled in a rigorous academic program—including honors and AP classes—in a diverse course of study. Students must additionally demonstrate academic integrity and consistent engagement as a positive contributor to the academic culture of the School.

The evening began with opening remarks from Head of School Rachel Stone and an opening prayer read by Sacristan and Honor Society member Torin Kearney ’21. Associate Head of School for Academics Sue Roberts P ’24 then introduced each Sixth Form Honor Society member with commendations from their teachers and advisors, and invited them to receive their award from Rachel. The Sixth Form members of the Society include Giselle Bradshaw ’21, Nicholas Capanna ’21, Lexah Caraluzzi ’21, Thomas Cho ’21, Na’Sah Dabbs ’21, Katherine Delamere ’21, Anika Flik ’21, Katherine Hawley ’21, Jia Yi Ji ’21, Abigail Kavanaugh ’21, Torin Kearney ’21, Cameron Krinsky ’21, Lorelai Lee Swanek ’21, Yurou Li ’21, Ella Olcese ’21, Sydney Ragland ’21, Cassidy Rockwood ’21, Jack Rufa ’21, Benjamin Secor ’21, Yishan Shi ’21, Samuel Tscheppe ’21, Sebastian Tseng ’21, Andrew Xu ’21, Kai Xu ’21, Sandra Xu ’21, and Charlotte Zapletal ’21. Honor Society Members invited faculty and fellow students as guests to celebrate the occasion.

Typically, the prior year’s recipient of the J.P. Mandler Award for Excellence in Teaching is the guest speaker at the event. As last year’s award was presented to the entire Canterbury faculty for their fundamental commitment to classroom teaching during an unprecedented and particularly challenging spring, Dean of Faculty Wright Danenbarger took the podium as a representative of the extraordinary group of teachers, mentors, advisors, coaches, and dorm parents. “Go to college with a general sense of what you like and where to find it and seek it with an abiding sense that everything is a source of bliss, and you will end up with a trove of intellectual nourishment that is dear and not so easy to find,” Wright imparted. He continued, “I hope one of you spends lots of time in a lab and finds a cure for cancer and another of you immerses yourself in literature long enough to write the next great American novel. You are sitting here right now because you are good at many things, and I don’t want college or a career to ruin the beauty of your multiple selves.” 

Newly inducted Fifth Form members of the Canterbury Honor Society include Hanyan Cai ’22, Emily Chickering ’22, Ian Fernandes ’22, Jerry Liu ’22, Maxim Mochalov ’22, Katelynn Pizzano ’22, Logan Sanford ’22, Sarina Sheth ’22, Qingzhi Tu ’22, Ziqian Yang ’22, and Qixiu Yao ’22. They will be celebrated at the Underform Prize Assembly on May 24.


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