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Canterbury Participates in OxFam Fast for World Hunger

Canterbury Participates in OxFam Fast for World Hunger
Meredith Berry-Toon

On Thursday, November 15, Canterbury continued its longstanding tradition of participating in the Oxfam Fast for World Harvest. Oxfam, a global organization working to end the injustice of poverty, works to help people build better futures for themselves, hold the powerful accountable, and save lives in disasters. Their mission is to tackle the root causes of poverty and create lasting solutions by partnering with organizations and individuals across the world.

At Canterbury, in participation of the Fast, the dining hall served a simple meal for lunch. The money saved was donated directly to Oxfam. On the evening of the same day, the School community came together in appreciation and gratitude of each other for the traditional Thanksgiving sit-down dinner.

"The Fast is a unique experience because, while participants are raising awareness of poverty and hunger to help build community on the global level, they are strengthening their own communities at the local level," writes Nancy Delaney, Oxfam America's National Outreach Manager. "Fast for Oxfam is an easy way for individuals and families to incorporate making a difference on these issues into their daily lives."

The Center for Spirituality, Service, and Justice, with the guidance of Director Tracy Garcia-LaVigne, was instrumental in carrying on the tradition of hosting the Oxfam Fast. "We thank you for supporting the initiative to raise awareness and funds in an effort to bring an end to poverty and hunger at the start of this holiday season," she noted. The Center will also be hosting an Oxfam Hunger Banquet on November 29 at 6:00 pm in the Brodie Room.

For more information regarding Canterbury's social justice programs and the Banquet on November 29, please contact Tracy directly at