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Canterbury Students Inducted into Honor Society

Canterbury Students Inducted into Honor Society
Meredith Berry-Toon

Canterbury recently celebrated the induction of twelve students into the Honor Society following their fall 2019 semester performance.

The faculty Honor Society Committee meets each September and January to review the academic program of eligible candidates in the Fifth and Sixth Form. To be eligible for consideration, candidates must be enrolled in a rigorous academic program—including honors and AP classes—in a diverse course of study. Students must additionally demonstrate academic integrity and consistent engagement as a positive contributor to the academic culture of the School.

The newest Sixth Form inductees include Rachael DeLong '19 and Eli Taylor '19while Fifth Form inductees include Sabrina Capodicci '20, Brigida Caruso '20, Gabriel Diamond '20, Xing Gao '20, Ryan Greguski '20, Katherine Grissmer '20, Abigail Omaña '20, Yitian Sun '20, Jiayi Wu '20, and Changxi Xing '20.

Several members of the Sixth Form class were previously reviewed and inducted this past year. These students include Nova Chen '19, Yu Chen '19, Sung Won Cho '19, Jessica Garcia '19, Alexander Luo '19, Gregory McKenna '19, Brendan Omaña '19, and Ren Xin '19 in the spring of 2018 and Gordon Bradshaw '19, Raif Harris '19, Aijing Ma '19, Matthew Martin '19, Whitney Schwitter '19, and Zhenxiao Wang '19 in the fall of 2018.

The inducted students will be honored at the Honor Society Dinner and Awards Assembly in May.