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Canterbury’s Robotics Team Competes in Connecticut FTC State Championship

Meredith Berry-Toon

Canterbury’s Robotics Team competed in the Connecticut FTC State Championship—also known as The Gator Bowl—on Sunday, February 24, hosted at Greenwich Academy, CT. The team designed, constructed, and battled their robot against peer institutions, ultimately placing fourth after qualifying for the semifinal round with an invitation from a higher-seeded team.

The team advanced to the Championship round following two weekends of challenging qualifier matches where they had already placed fourth among just over two dozen neighboring schools. The team consists of seven students—Pluem Artkaew ‘19, Misha Verozub ‘20, JiWon Lee ‘20, Brendan Clark ‘20, Erik Stedman ‘20, Alex Kolonchin ‘21, Cameron Krinsky ‘21, and Mike Shi ‘21—who have dedicated their fall and winter seasons to robotics. Students not only needed to design and construct their robot but also program the machine to complete specific tasks as delegated by the competition organizers.  

“This was a great second year of creation and competition after finding our footing last year,” remarked Mike Kennedy, faculty advisor to the Robotics Team and faculty in the Science Department. “The team has been preparing for this since September, and it is great to see their hard work come to fruition.”

In advance of the competition, organizers provided teams with instructions on what their robot would need to accomplish to advance to the next round. Teams then built their robots to complete these specific tasks. For this year’s qualifiers, competitors had to build a robot that would be able to lift itself off the ground and place blocks into a designated area, both in a controlled setting and autonomously.

Congratulations to the team on their exceptional performance!

Qualifier Tournament Photos