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Catch of the Day

Meredith Berry-Toon

Led by Science Department Chair Sandy Behan, Canterbury's Honors Biology and AP Biology students recently participated in an ocean vessel field expedition. The two classes sailed to Long Island Sound to perform studies that included water chemistry experiments and the gathering of marine organisms using a trawl net. The research vessel is owned by UCONN and is docked in Groton at UCONN's Avery Point Campus.

Students determined the oxygen concentration, pH, temperature, salinity, and clarity of the water. They also studied ocean depths, climate factors, and sediment conditions.

The budding biologists especially enjoyed setting trawl nets to collect marine life along the ocean's bed. They identified marine animals and plants, recorded data on the number of each species collected, and measured each specimen's size. The catch of the day included flounder, lobsters, crabs, skates, and rays.

The UCONN program is called Project Oceanology. Their mission is to nurture interest and enthusiasm for science and our planet's marine environment.

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