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First Annual Gunnery Day hosted at Canterbury

First Annual Gunnery Day hosted at Canterbury
Meredith Berry-Toon

Following a week of school spirit, dress-up days, and Form-wide competition, Canterbury hosted its first ever Gunnery Day on Saturday, November 11. The day began with the Varsity Field Hockey game at 12:30, followed by Boys' Varsity and Boys' J.V. Soccer and Girls' Varsity Soccer. At the end of the day, Canterbury won Girls' Varsity Soccer, Boys' Varsity Soccer, and J.V. Field Hockey, tied Varsity Field Hockey, and lost Boys' J.V. Soccer.

In advance of the athletic competitions on Saturday, Canterbury hosted a pep rally and all-school bonfire on Friday evening. Emceed by the Sixth Form Council, the pep rally featured varsity teams performing skits or dances. Volleyball and Varsity Field Hockey faced off in a tug-of-war while Boys' Varsity, and Girls' Varsity Soccer played a spirited game of dodgeball. Boys' and Girls' Cross-Country, football, and water polo also went head-to-head during the pep rally.

"Gunnery Day was a great way to end the fall athletics season, and the pep rally showcased Canterbury school spirit at its best," noted Dean of Students Jake Dellorco, who worked with the Sixth Form Council to organize the week's events. "We are excited to see how this new school tradition grows in future years.

Following the pep rally on Friday, students and faculty celebrated the Sixth Form with a bonfire. The fall varsity team captains and Sixth Form Council led their classmates through a parade of underform students to the bonfire on the football practice field. Although the evening was cold and windy, Canterbury students still enjoyed the bonfire and warmed up with hot chocolate and donuts.

To view more photos of the event, please visit our Flickr to see the pep rally and athletic competition day shots.