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Following Your Passion

Following Your Passion
Meredith Berry-Toon

Canterbury's long-standing Senior Project program provides students an opportunity to pursue one of their passions, off campus, for up to two months. Such projects must be planned in detail with a faculty member and the Senior Project advisor and approved by the Project Committee. Students recently began meeting with the committee.

Kellie Kuenzle is one such student who proposed her project idea. She is excited about delving into her interests in travel and photography. The daughter of a commercial airline pilot, Kellie has traveled all over the world. She posts her travel photos and written commentary about the places she visits on her blog, Kellie's Compass.

Her project, if approved, will take her to Rome, Italy, where she will attend college next year. While there, she will work with Susan Wright, an Australian-born, Rome-based, blogger. She will also spend time in Roatan, Honduras, photographing, researching and writing a story a about the threat to the Lionfish. Her final stop will be Cardiff, California, where she will work with Bruce Meyer, a professional photographer and surfer.

Two faculty members will provide Kellie with feedback on her articles and photographs. In addition, Craig Neff, a member of Canterbury's Class of 1975, classmate of her dad, and a former senior editor at Sports Illustrated, will monitor her progress and provide additional advice.

Proposals by additional students include working in the marketing department of Harper's Bazaar magazine, testing and removing bugs from educational applications, and teaching Chinese students how to prepare for standardized testing.