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Getting to Know You

Meredith Berry-Toon

Have you ever talked with peers, colleagues, or even friends and discovered that they have an interesting story you didn't know?

That's the idea behind Saints on the Hill, a new Canterbury initiative that allows faculty and students to share their personal narratives with the rest of the community during Friday school meeting.

Sherley Arias-Pimentel '19 introduced the program to Canterbury after having spent last summer as a media intern for the Newark (New Jersey) Conservancy Center. She, along with a team of additional interns, interviewed residents of Newark for a project called Humans of Newark, patterned after the successful Humans of New York.

"I thought all of us at Canterbury would benefit from creating a forum which allows its members to reveal something about their lives with the rest of the community, " says Sherley. "That might be to talk about one's life passion, tell a story about a life-changing event, or reveal some noteworthy biographical information."

At a recent school meeting, faculty members Julio and Amy '86 Omaña spoke about important moments of their lives such as meeting at Canterbury and eventually marrying. At the same meeting, Rex Rohde '17 told the assembly about his passion for being one of his town's volunteer firefighters. Opong Bramble '17, the first presenter, delivered a talk about why his parents are his motivation for working hard and encouraged students to never give up in the face of adversity.